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New Marketplace on SCI.

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  • my next post in the sales forum is TDB, (he really has to fix that)
    Ta dum, bum!

    Yeah he probably should, but then we would need a new and entertaining Thread item in The Paddock, eh?


    • Hi everyone,

      I just want to post a quick update to let you all know about the recent changes made to the Panjo Marketplace over the weekend. Here is a link to the Panjo Blog that details all the changes:

      Let me know what you think! What do you like? What do you dislike? What do you want to see in the next update?

      Niko @ Panjo


      • I have now tried to post a wanted thread I believe 4 times, I lost track, and each time Panjo says there is an error. This has become extremely frustrating.


        • Originally posted by urbanwarrior View Post
          I have now tried to post a wanted thread I believe 4 times, I lost track, and each time Panjo says there is an error. This has become extremely frustrating.
          yikes! That is VERY frustrating. If you can bear it, can you try again? Can you please snap a screen shot of the listing creation form? Perhaps we can spot the offending field that is throwing an error. Email the screen shot to: [email protected]. We will investigate right away. Feel free to call us: 1 (424) 272-0291 We could screen share and get to the bottom of the issue.


          • "My apologies. We just received an email letting us know that Jorge's PayPal payment did not get through to you. Panjo has control of the funds now and can transfer you the $55, if that's how you wish to proceed. "

            I've waited 3 days for some response from Panjo to my approval to transfer funds...still no transfer or response. I wonder why Panjo won't catch on? If Panjo just links to Paypal, why is Panjo necessary?

            They finally responded AFTER I posted this.
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            • I have only bought a few items off of the classifieds and to be honest that was before Panjo. I know the reason that Panjo was brought into the mix was because of amount of time the owner of the site had to spend with the original configuration. It might be my mistake, however I seem to see a very large shifting of the products and types of products offered for sale. I must admit that with the current format the classifieds seem more to resemble E-Bay then it does a close knit community selling cars and parts that they no longer need. What do I mean by that? It seems that MOST of the cars offered are by a fairly small core group of sellers who seem to be purchasing and selling cars in a more commercial way than the average hobbyist who only wants to get rid of a couple of extras and or extra parts.

              I know it sounds like it but I am not attempting to slam Panjo but it is not near as friendly as the old way.


              • I agree with Mayberryman. If Panjo is our only option, I'll take it, but it was much more community oriented the old way. Now it seems like just a handful of merchants selling their goods.


                • Originally posted by urbanwarrior View Post
                  I have now tried to post a wanted thread I believe 4 times, I lost track, and each time Panjo says there is an error. This has become extremely frustrating.
                  And it's happening again business when you have a tool that you keep experiencing the same problems with, you replace it or just get rid of it all together.......


                  • Thanks for letting us know you have a problem.

                    I am glad you have documented the problem you experienced hopefully you let Panjo know what happened so they can help me make this tool work correctly.
                    As I make absolutely zero money from the Marketplace and Panjo not sure I see it as Business tool.
                    More a service, and sadly one that became necessary due to deception with the old system of Trust on SCI.
                    I too would like to see the Marketplace be an area where SCI Members offered used items no longer needed to other members. But I see many Trading New Stock at very low prices, this hurts the Retail Industry something I am trying to grow.
                    There may well be changes soon, as I do not finance SCI to take down Stores and Tracks, I am looking into this.

                    Again thank you to all who have a problem for clearly documenting it so we can make SCI Marketplace work better.
                    For those not happy with the system, please blame those who traded stolen goos here, they created the need for Panjo.

                    Also there are way more sales now than before Panjo, so some may say it is better now. I know I have not had to spend the hours I did before including working with the Police to try to track down stolen goods bought and sold on SCI.

                    1-253-255-1807 if you have a problem, anytime 24/7.
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                    Alan Smith
                    SCI Owner.



                    • How do I go about changing the price of an item? I was able to edit the text to reflect the price drop but when the buyer went to buy the item the software requested the original price when he went to pay for the item.

                      Brian (Gipper)


                      • I have many cars I will sell but this makes it so hard to do....


                        • Help

                          Panjo just sold a car I listed with shipping to the lower 48 at $7 to a gentleman in Great Britain ... with $7 shipping .... not going to happen. How to correct this?



                          • Stephen Thomas...

                            I would contact the purchaser directly and request the remainder of funds. That should work out ok. If not you can always use PayPal to refund/cancel the purchase.

                            In the future you might add a note to your listing stating that the shipping is only for US and sales outside the US will require extra postage.

                            I don't think anyone will give you a hard time abut this.


                            • that's me - happy to cover extra shipping costs if reasonable.



                              • Hi everyone,

                                First, we are sorry about yesterday's mishap. We were updating listings in our database and it adversely affected outdated thread posts. This bug caused many old, inactive thread posts to be recreated in the SlotCarIllustrated classified’s sub-forums. The bug has been fixed and the thread posts have largely been removed.

                                Second, there was a new bug this morning. New listings were creating duplicate thread posts. We are aware of the issue and are working to fix it immediately. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

                                Third, we are excited to announce several new features that we have released this past week to the marketplace:

                                1. Wishlist feature for buyers - you can now add any listing to a 'wanted items list' by going to the listing page and clicking '+ Add To Wishlist' under the Buy Now button. These saved items appear under your 'Wishlist' which you can access by hovering over the profile icon on Panjo and clicking Wishlist.
                                2. Improved navigation to/within your community - new features and links which help keep you in the SlotCarIllustrated classifieds.
                                3. Auto-login from transactional emails - if Panjo sends you an email notifying you of a new message, you can go directly to the message on Panjo without having to sign in.
                                4. Community logos & forum links on listing details page - we have added the SlotCarIllustrated logo to all SlotCarIllustrated classifieds listings and a links to thread post discussions on listing detail pages.
                                5. WTB listing format - want-to-buy listings are now as easy to create and browse as sale listings.
                                6. Draft features for sellers to save and return to their work - you can now start the listing creation process and exit without your work being erased. You can return later and finish your listing from where you exited.
                                7. Improvements to our mobile and tablet designed pages to help browse the listing details page.

                                Coming up next, we are massively improving our shipping tools to help sellers calculate shipping costs to buyers.

                                Again, we are sorry about the bugs from the last couple days and the frustration we might have causes. Please know that we are working hard to improve the marketplace experience for you guys. If you have any feedback on the new marketplace, we would, as always, love to hear it!

                                Max @ Panjo Support