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UPDATE-Cincyslots, Super Tires GIFT CARD shop track design contest.

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  • UPDATE-Cincyslots, Super Tires GIFT CARD shop track design contest.

    Slot Racing Fans,

    I need a fresh design of our shop track. I seem to be stuck in a rut.

    So here we go. Our table will be 20X9. We could make it a tad bigger but would rather not. It will be a 2 lane Carrera Digital track that will also be wired for analog. It will need to have borders on, at least, the corners, inner and outer. Good Luck and thanks for helping.

    This will be our first shop track.

    Now for the good part. If your track design is chosen, you will receive:

    From Cincyslots- 5pr of Supertires of your choice if we choose your design.

    Nick & Sandy, (Team Super Tires), are adding a $50.00 gift certificate to our contest.
    Good for anything that CincySlots sells. Anyone that posts a picture of a Carrera track DESIGN will qualify for the $50.00 gift certificate. All contestants on either SCI or HRW will qualify. Only one entry per contestant. Bruce will draw the winner from all of the contestants at random.

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    Can't go wrong with Super Tires as a prize !


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      can you share your current version? Give us an idea what you are moving away from. Deadline????


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        Iíll post a pic in the morning. This will be our first shop track but when I design tracks for people, I feel the all look the same.

        I left out the important info. It will be a 2 lane Carrera Digital track the will also be wired for analog.



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          Last week to get your CARRERA track designs posted to enter the chance to win the Super Tires $50 gift card to Cincyslots HO 1/32 1/24 Slot Cars.



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            Simple is better.
            Maybe my tests for our new club track layout will be useful to you...

            the table is a bit longer (8.2x2.0 mt), but it can be adapted to your needs.


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              Thanks, you're entered for the gift card. That looks fast! This is the front runner for the 5pr of Super Tires.


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                Since my sight was down yesterday, thank you Mr. web host, I'm extending the contest until Monday. I know there are plenty of you track designers out there. If you aren't able to post here, you can also post on our Facebook or email it to me [email protected]



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                  These are the winners for our track contest.

                  Jamie B. wins the 5pr of Super Tires
                  Jim C. won the drawing for the $50 gift cert. at Cincyslots

                  Congrats guys. Thanks to all that entered.


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                    Now get to work on that track ! LOL


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                      I'm hoping to have the track laid this week. The table and carpet will be down today.

                      woo hoo


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                        Thanks Bruce! I'm honored that my design will be used for the Cincy Slots house track, I can't wait to race on it!