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Cincinnati 4hrs of Le Mans June 16, 2018

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  • Cincinnati 4hrs of Le Mans June 16, 2018

    Carrera D124 Race Fans,

    Once again Cincinnati will be hosting their 4hr hours of Le Mans. The race will take place June 16, 2018 at the home of local racer John. He has graciously opened up his track for us to use. If you are interested in racing or bringing a team, let us know by June 1st if possible. Team will consist of 2-3 racers. It depends on the # of racers involved.

    The doors will open at 10am, tech inspection at 11:15 and racing to start around 12pm. We will have a running clock of 4 hours. The time will not stop for track calls. The cars to be run are the Ford GT, Porsche GT3, Corvette C6R/C7R, Ferrari 458/575/599, Mercedes SLS, Aston Martin and Audi R8 LMS.

    The rules are:

    - The race will be a 4hr Enduro
    - The clock does not stop.
    - Track power will only be turned off for major crash where other cars can’t get by or unreachable by the marshal’s grabber.
    -15-20min rotation is preferred but not mandatory. Drivers MUST driver equal time.
    -You can only enter the race with 1 of the 2 cars that went through tech inspection
    -If back up car is used, that team will be accessed a 2 lap “pit repair” penalty. The car will need to restart from the pits.
    -Cleaning your braids, you can clean/change them as often as you want. You must drive the car into to the pit, pick it up, service it and place it back in the pits when it won’t interfere with traffic.
    -Passing slower traffic. The faster car must make their way around slower traffic. DO NOT ram cars out of the way. Continuously doing so will result in 2 lap penalty
    -Out of gas, try to notify other drivers when you are out of fuel to help prevent crashing.
    -Pitting, call out your pit stop if traffic is behind you.
    -Entering the race track after a pit stop, only enter when the track is clear.


    - All traction magnets must be removed. Weight can be added. Car weight 210g-270g
    - Wheels can be trued
    - Stock Carrera wheels must be used THAT BELONG TO THAT CAR!
    - Tires can be trued
    - Silicone tires to be used on rear axle
    - Front tires can be super glued/clear coated on tread
    - Tires can be glued onto the rim
    - Gear ratio to remain stock using stock Carrera gears 10/50 (No aftermarket gears allowed - i.e., NSR, etc...)
    - Stock Carrera D124 motor (Race will be run at 17.5 Volts at the track)
    - Axle carriers to remain stock – axles have to run in stock bushings – no ball bearings allowed
    - Must use stock Carrera guide flag
    - No suspension allowed
    - No body/chassis alterations or modifications of any kind (Filing, shaving, channeling etc.)
    - Factory interior must remain intact and complete
    - Body must be mounted with all factory screws
    - No alteration to body or chassis in order to achieve body float
    - Stock guide arm
    - All lights need to be functioning during tech inspection

    PLEASE TAKE RULES AT FACE VALUE. We are not a group that looks favorably on bending the rule
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    That didn't take long. I can't wait to catch up with you Kurt Moser. Hopefully we can get a couple more out of towners to come race.

    See you soon,


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      I'm looking forward to it!
      This is a great event with a great group of guys.


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        Sounds like a great event. I will try to get a team together. There are a few of us here in Lexington, Ky that have digital, if we can work out the schedules.

        One question. Controllers......are you using "house" controllers or do we bring our own?




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          It would be better if you brought your own. I would think, Rubirosa, TruSpeed, stock Carrera or RamJet controllers would need to be used.

          In the past we've tried to pair teams as evenly as possible. This is the first year we've offered up creating a team.



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            nearly full!


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              Looks like a fun event. A bit far for me but I'm looking forward to seeing the results.


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                Team Thoroughbred update! In preparation for the upcoming race we have completed 3 official practice sessions that have demonstrated that we need a bunch more practice sessions

                We've been working hard on driving patiently and nice (have a lot of work to do here), making smooth pit stops and of course staying in the slot We've made a lot of progress until we all get on the track in race conditions.......we just can't help wielding the nerf out on each other or the little tail rub entering the corner, just to help them get through quicker of course. It's just so fun to be aggressive among friends.

                Anyway, we are having one more practice session and plan to be disciplined like it is the real thing

                Looking forward to June 16th.



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                  It sounds like you have a handle on this! LOL Glad to hear you're working on your discipline. I'm looking forward to this race. It's awesome that we have a full field of cars.



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                    Another Team Thoroughbred update
                    We had what we thought was going to be final practice this past Sunday, but decided we needed another practice so we'll give it another go this coming Sunday evening.

                    Note: truespeed controller, purchased from Cincyslots, was awesome! Control of the cars was vastly improved with it compared to stock Carrera controller. I liked it so well I ordered a second one. Bruce, if you happen to read this, is there a cable extension for that controller?

                    Our newcomer Matt drove so well he has earned the lead off spot. Greg, "the Professor", was steady all evening and made big improvements on pit stops. Joel, "Mr. Electric", was hot early but then blew a fuse and struggled thru the last half of the evening and Jeff, "Pops" (that's me), was fast but not his best race day.

                    We still have some work to do on smoothing out the pit stop process.

                    Looks like we will be driving the Corvette C7R on race day.

                    Looking forward to the big event on the 16th.


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                      I'm just glad you guys are putting so much effort into this. It will make for some great racing! Keep at it. You guys could very well take the prize.

                      The TS controller is the bomb, silky smooth.