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NEW option for Carrera guardrail clips.

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  • NEW option for Carrera guardrail clips.

    So if you race Carrera D124 cars you know the toll these can take on your guardrail clips. We have a new product coming to Cincyslots in the next week or so. A local racer has designed a new guardrail clip for Carrera tracks. We have been testing these for about 6 weeks and we have not been able to break one. Also, we have found that 1 of the new clips can take the place of 2-3 of the Carrera clip. The Carrera clips cost about a $1 ea. The new clip will cost $1.95 ea. Sure, it's nearly double but with the testing we've done so far, they should last much longer if they break at all. This clip is perfect for your common high speed crash zones. Our first batch will be in limited quantities.

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    available now at Cincyslots