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Cincyslots, Home of the USA Land Speed Race

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  • Cincyslots, Home of the USA Land Speed Race

    In 2009 a small group of guys felt the need to challenge our friends from across the pond. In doing so we created the Land Speed Race(LSR). The problem was where to hold it that has enough room. Outside would be easy but we would have to deal with the elements. Green Sales Company in Cincinnati offered their warehouse for us to use. The building 300ft long. Plenty of room to house the 220ft used for this event.

    With a lot of work and sweat we came up with this.

    While this worked, we had a mess of wires and set up took 4+ hours. After this years race a few guys brainstormed and came up with a better way a MUCH better way. Matt built the wiring harness, Dan is in charge of the timing, and Dyno Tom tapped 22+ pieces of track. He also set us with new timing eyes.

    Now that they have done all of these upgrades, out set up time for our "test and tune day", only took 1.5 hours to set up.

    Anybody wanting to take part in the 2011 race, here are the rules. I beleive these to be the current rules:
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    We have the technology

    Rules now attached to previous post.