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The 2009 Hobby Show - Toronto, International Center

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  • The 2009 Hobby Show - Toronto, International Center


    I am very pleased to announce that Race Haven Hobbies will be attending the Canadian Hobby Show this year from November 6-8.

    We will have a 10x40' Booth with 2 Tracks including a 8x20' 4-Lane Scalextric Sport Track. There will be tournaments all weekend long with a Grand Finale Championship on Sunday for the Winners of all the Weekend Races. They will be many trophies being given away all weekend long with a ton of prizes as well.

    I am also looking to do a Pro Race on Sunday with anyone that is already into Slot cars being able to race....aka....have your own car. Rules and Schedule to be released.

    I will be updating this post with new information as I get it.

    Bottom Line.......Race Haven Hobbies will be bringing Slot Cars and Slot Car Racing to the Canadian Hobby Show. It is going to be great for our hobby as 30,000-50,000 people will see them in action all weekend long.

    I am VERY excited about this opportunity and encourage all the current Slot Car Junkies in Southern Ontario to come out to the show and have some fun. Not to mention the Show specials, we will be bringing a lot of product as well.

    Stay tuned for more info as I get it.

    November 6,7,8 2009 - Don't miss it!!!

    Race Haven Hobbies

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    great news !

    thanks for the update, there wasn't a show in 2008, glad to see that it's back.


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      It was in the process of being sold. The previous owner did a fantastic job of running it into the ground over the last 5-10 years!

      The party that purchased it is well known on the Canadian Show Circuit. They also put on the Durham Home Show and others.

      They have a HUGE marketing plan in place and it is promising to be the Best Hobby Show in 10 Years!!!

      Come one, Come all, its going to be GREAT!!!!

      Race Haven Hobbies


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        I will bring my boys down to the show. I might even see if they would be interested in getting a large scale track. It my be more fun for them then my HO Track. I will put it on my calender.




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          Good stuff, Ron!

          When CMARC (our old HO club) did a display at Speedorama one year, we had several rows of people watching the racing. And that was just a demo event, not a business display. Putting yourself in front of that many people could have some very positive results.


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            I'll be looking forward to going. So I can bring a few cars down to try out the track?


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              For sure TA. Bring whatever you have.

              Keep in mind that the Store is 3 minutes (Really!) from the International Center. You might want to swing by after the show to try out the Wood Track.

              Race Haven Hobbies


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                Hey Ron I will have to put the magnets back into a couple of the cars and give the plastic track a try.


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                  Ron that will be good for slots when i was in rc air craft the club had a display there was los of fun A and A Racing will be there to run.


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                    Originally posted by achim schneider View Post
                    A and A Racing will be there to run.

                    I hope a few of the Gang come out and put on a nice show.

                    See you then for sure Achim.

                    Race Haven Hobbies


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                      Glad to hear the show has been resurrected!
                      I was just wondering about it the other day.
                      See you there and good luck with the racing!


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                        i can't wait for this show!


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                          Is this weekend!!!!!!

                          Hi Guys,

                          The Team at Race Haven have been very hard at work this last week. That is why the Race results have not been posted, Pete and I have been going a mile a minute. I will post them today hopefully, both Friday nights Race and Sundays Race as well.

                          Now the good news, we are pretty much ready for the Toronto Hobby Show this Weekend at the International Center by the Airport.

                          We are bringing a 4 Lane 100' 4-Lane Scalextric Track for Racing on ALL Weekend Long.

                          There will be 8 tournaments throughout the weekend with the winner from each tournament taking home A BRAND NEW CAR!

                          Cars and Controllers are Supplied by Race Haven Hobbies. You need nothing to participate! Race Entry Fee is $2

                          All 8 Winners will then be invited back for Sundays Final and the winner will Win a Brand New Racing track Complete to carry on the Racing Fun at home!!!

                          There will be great deals all weekend long on everything at the show. Brand new Cars will start at just $30.

                          There will be a In Store Special Saturday and Sunday with All Slot it and NSR being 10% off. Scalextric Pricing will be the same as the show.

                          I hope to see you all there, go to for details.

                          Race Haven Hobbies
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                            Thanks for the info. Discount admission coupon at the show's web site.


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                              2009 Toronto Hobby Show Recap.

                              Hello everyone,

                              I would just like to report that the show went very well! A lot of people found out about us, some right in our backyard!

                              Here are some of the pictures from the weekend and some of the Winners of the Tournaments. A lot of people took home a lot of great stuff thanks to our Local Distributor.

                              I had a ton of fun and I am looking forward to doing the show next year again.