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Winter 2010 Prize Package.

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  • Winter 2010 Prize Package.

    Hi Guys,

    I would like to officially announce that the Winter Racing Series will Start on Friday January 8, 2010.

    Here are the Dates:

    Fri Jan 8
    Fri Jan 15
    Fri Jan 22
    Fri Jan 29
    Fri Feb 5
    Fri Feb 12
    Fri Feb 19
    Fri Feb 26
    Fri Mar 5
    Fri Mar 12

    The Rules for both the Super Series and Porsches are here:


    10 Race Series with 2 Drops Allowed.

    Now the Important Part!!!

    Any Racer that thinks he will attend 8 or more Races will be able to pay $20 for the Dual Series Entry Fee. At the End of the Porsche and Super Series we will Engrave Both Championships result 1-10 on the Race Haven Hobbies Cup.

    Instead of doing Plaques or T-Shirts this time around we will be giving something back that counts!!! Cars and Parts!!!

    All you have to do is Register and Pay the 1 Time $20 Dual Series Fee.
    Race in 8 or more Races, and you will be entered automatically in the Draw. All Prizes are Awarded in a Draw at the Final Race. It dosn't matter if you win the Championship or not, you have a chance at a $200 Car!!!!

    Race Entry Fee is $10 for each Friday Night Race. $5 from each fee is awarded back at the end of the race in Race Bucks on a Draw based on our usual payout structure.

    Here is the List of Prizes.

    Grand Prize: Le Mans Miniatures Peugeot ($200 Retail Value)


    2nd Place Prize: Fly Guagemaster Ferrari F40 ($120 Retail Value)

    3rd Place Prize: Slot it RAW Audi Racing Edition ($85 Retail Value)

    4th Place Prize: Scalextric Peugeot 307 WRC ($55 Retail Value)

    5th Place Prize: 1 Slot it Motor of the Racers Choice ($22 Retail Value)

    6th Place: 1 Set of Slot it 17x10 Magnesium Rims ($20 Retail Value)

    7th Place: 1 Set of Slot it Tires (4 in a bag) of the Racers Choice ($10 Retail Value)

    8th Place: 1 Package of 1M Roll Racing Braid . Copper or Tinned, Racers Choice. ($9 Retail Value)

    I am also going to Talk Franco at Slot Car Circuit and I am sure he will be up for throwing in a few cars. We should have 10-12 Prizes to Give away!!!

    Come on out this Winter for a Ton of Racing Fun, and a Chance to Win Over $600 worth of Giveaways!!!!!

    Wishing you and your Families a Happy Holiday Season!!!

    Ron and Pete
    Race Haven Hobbies

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    Franco had a list of everyones full names.

    Back to our regularly scheduled program.

    Race Haven Hobbies