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B-Nova Chassis Fixes Back In Stock and Much Much More!

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  • B-Nova Chassis Fixes Back In Stock and Much Much More!

    Hi Guys,

    I have a TON of the Scalextric Chassis Fix Pieces from B-Nova Back In Stock. They will convert any Scalextric Chassis to a Slot it Universal Screw In Guide. They will also Fix a Broken Guide Mount as well on Just about anything.

    We Also Got these: (they look Even Better In Person, is Possible!) Great Job Francesco!!!!

    Avant Slot Cars are now Available at Race Haven Hobbies. I will admit, I was Skeptical as I have heard mixed reviews about these Cars. I say this WITH NO DOUBT now that I have seen one up close and Personal........THEY ARE AWESOME!!! The Bodies are Beautiful! The Design is Unique and for a Track Like ours they might be Faster than anything else given the Nice Stiff Chassis!!! They are Super Adjustable, Set Screws Everywhere!!! I will post more info about these Cars Over the next Few Weeks......for now, Have a Look at this........

    Stay Tuned, We have a TON of New and Hot Items coming in over the next few days.

    Can't wait for the Swap Meet Sale!!!

    Race Haven Hobbies
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    Better bring the bank card tomorrow.

    Thanks Ron.

    I might need a bigger vehicle to take home my purchases tomorrow. I might just need a new home as well when the wife finds out.

    Looking forward to getting one of those BRM's



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      I have one with your Name on it Adam. Not even out of the Bubble Wrap to Maximize the "New Slot Car Smell"!

      See you soon,
      Race Haven Hobbies


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        Brm Porsche


        You are right these do look even better in person, even as good as they look in pictures. I am glad I added one to my garage yesterday.

        Race Haven Hobbies rocks.

        Looking forward to next friday and then the Saturday swap meet and enduro. Can we consider a BRM based enduro one weekend. I am sure A&A would be in. Something to think about.

        Thanks again.