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  • Race Haven @ Mini Downtown

    Hello Everyone,

    I just wanted to post a few pics from the Party we did at the New Downtown Mini Dealership.

    It was a Fantastic Evening. We brought down 4 Tracks for the Crowd to have fun with. Everyone that picked up a controller had a huge smile on their face!!! The Party went on till well past midnight.....I think it was because of all the Free Steamwhistle Beer

    Look for us on Breakfast Television on Tuesday May 11 as we will be doing another 4 Lane track that will be used in a Segment with Jenifer Valentine, myself, and a few of the regulars from the store. Another added benefit of Racing here, you just may end up on TV one Day!!!

    If you have not seen the New Downtown Dealership, check it out! It is the coolest Dealership I have ever seen.

    Here are some of the Pictures.....

    Race Haven Hobbies

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    Great exposure to the masses! And a date on BT!!


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      amazing !


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        My guess is you had as much fun as the guests ;-) Nice going Ron and fantastic exposure. I'll be watching BT on Tuesday ...




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          Big and Little Mini's looks like it was a blast.

          I was on TV once. Chasing a camera guy of an accident site.


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            Breakfast Television !

            Hey Ron,

            A few ladies in the office today told me about the Breakfast Television show today, asked me if I knew about Race Haven in Brampton ! Sounds like you guys ( and girl ) had a great time !


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              We did! It went Very well.

              The Girl was Victoria, a Seasoned Racer of both 1/32 scale and 1/1 Scale.

              I will try to post the video on here when I get a copy.

              Race Haven Hobbies


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                Hi Ron
                Good to hear everything went well. If you can't post the video then maybe a link or have it at the store.
                Thanks, Brad


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                  Hi Guys,

                  Here it is:


                  Have a look, I think it went Very Well!

                  Race Haven Hobbies


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                    My therapist was telling me she watched BT yesterday and wondered if I knew about this place - lol

                    I said they even have Senior discounts and give you money to race there. Well if you count the $34.50 I won in Race Bucks last week I came out ahead.


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                      Funny... my 'handlers' only let me out on Fridays so that i can come to race. You might think that Bill needs the therapist, but the legal ruling for my incarceration is that Bill must accompany me on these Friday outings to RaceHaven.

                      PS has anyone ever checked how many of the slips have Bill's name on them. I think he keeps replacing my slips with ones with his name on it.



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                        I watched the BT show and I have to say it all went great until Jen said Rust Haven I thought it was funny, do to all the race haven t's on.


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                          Sorry I missed this Ron, my house is with just within walking distance. Looks like
                          all went very well, cheers Paddy.