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Summer Swap Meet, Enduro and Storewide Sale.

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    Aug 1st is a GO!

    The Store will open at 10am.

    Any questions or inquirys......ask away gents.

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      what time is the enduro/racing going to start as I will wait till then to come out as I don't have anything for sale Thanks Phil


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        The Race will start no later than 1:30.

        Try to be here a little earlier than that.

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          Race started pretty much on time. Well done Ron.

          Race was fun. I finished a surprising in my Slot.It/Scaley Mini sponsored by Tyre Buddy.

          I sold a few cars so am happy. Even better I did not buy any.

          A good time.
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            Really Sorry could not make it, I was on my way and sprung a gas leak half way there, all I could smell was gas while I was driving, had to pull over and fix with JB Weld and gear clamps (Thank God I had my slot car box with me), so just turned around to be safe and headed back up North, will fix later when I relaxe after that crap Talk Soon Phil


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              Finished 4th in my Tyre Buddy Classic Mini... sorry let the team down... got a tongue lashing all the way home by the team/car owner. He kept asking how i could have driven so bad that i missed out on 3rd place... just couldn't come to grips with it.

              I think i'm in the doghouse for a while now... need another Enduro soon to redeem myself... PLEASE!!!!!



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                well turned out I couldn't make. Guess the stuff will be ready for the next sale.......


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                  I hope everyone had a good time, I couldn't make it, my mom passed away Friday.

                  Hope to see everyone soon



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                    Race results

                    The Naptime Scaley/ Minis sponsored by Tyre Buddy

                    The guts of them. Note no pod screws on this one just lots of JBWeld. Plastic tube with some bracing held in with hot glue handles the front. A hunk of fishing sinker works for weight in front of the motor.

                    Body mounting is easy - I left the original posts in so it can be used on a Scaley chassis as well. The other body has a partial interior.

                    The red car chassis was more difficult as the rear mounting hole was too far back. I cut it and used hot glue to get it closer to the axle, This chassis also had a broken guide holder. I used piece of brass tubing with a couple of brass wires solder on it. Then with guide in and front wheels on to get proper height I used hot glue to mount it. Works great.

                    The wheels are Slot.It Jags. One motor has a 10 tooth pinion while the other is standard 9. Both motors are rejects from my Porsche Series cars.

                    They may look rough but surprisingly quick and fun to drive. Naptime Racing will continue development for the next RHH Enduro.


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                      Thanks to Ron, Pete, for hosting, and thanks Adam for teaming up with me. I've now teamed with both you and your dad!
                      The winning car...
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                        It was a Very Fun Day.

                        A Big Thanks to everyone that came out!

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