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Winter Swap Meet, Enduro, and Storewide Sale

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  • Winter Swap Meet, Enduro, and Storewide Sale

    Hi Guys,

    For everyone that asked.......and a few that didn't........HERE WE GO!

    On Sunday Feb 27,2011 we will be having another one of our Swap Meets.

    Tables are Free, Entry is Free, The Racing will cost you $10 to enter the Enduro. It will be 2 Man Teams with 8 Minute heats. Run what you brung Rules in Effect.

    If you would like to reserve a table, please do so by a post or a PM to myself.

    It is going to be HUGE!!! Don't Miss it!!

    There will also be a Sale at the store on Everything but Slot it Cars. No Tax all day long!!!!

    Race Haven Hobbies
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    What time?


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      The Store will open at 10am. The Swap meet will begin around 11 giving everyone about an hour to setup.

      We will start the Enduro around 1pm.

      Hope to see you there,
      Race Haven Hobbies


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        I have no car to setup for the enduro so who needs a partner with driving and tuning skills with a few KILLER motors, I have all the tools so I can setup a car before the race, preferably a Porsche 962, also is there any drags this weekend LMK


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          OK guys I am in for the enduro just need a partner, whos in, I can't race alone, can I? LOL, I will have a Repsol 962 (with old chassis) all ready to go (Donated by Scott Welston) LMK

          Cheers Phil


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            Good times today!