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My Motorsport Honeymoon!

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  • My Motorsport Honeymoon!

    Hi Guys,

    I have just returned from what I am going to call My Motorsport Honeymoon. I recently got married and Victoria and I decided instead of doing something right away we would wait for the upcoming Trip that she had won from her Company to Germany. Since all we had to pay for was my Flight it was a ideal way to save some money and have a Great Trip to call our Honeymoon.

    Left to my own devices I would not really have done something like this. I can now say that it was the Single Best Trip I have ever gone on in all my Years!!! I have only one person to Thank, The Love of my Life.......My Wife Victoria. She almost loves Motorsport as much as I and I know she loved this trip as much as I did. Maybe even more, we saw a couple of her friends in both Germany and the UK.

    So here I share some of the Highlights of our Trip with the Good ol' Slot Car Guys. My head is still spinning! I have a Million Pics but I thought I would load some of my faves.

    The Porsche Museum

    Walking under the Track Entering Hockenheim for a ADAC and Lamborghini Super Trofeo Race!!!

    The Hills of Nurburg at 7:30 in the morning.

    RSR, where we rented out Renault Clio Cup Car

    Some more of their rentals

    Our Car, it may not look like much but it was probably the Best Handling Car I have ever driven at speed!! 220hp, A 6-Speed with a Clutch, Full Suspension, Brakes and Super Sticky Tires. What a Great Little Car!!! It would have Blown the Doors off a Honda Fit!

    Waiting in Line to get on the Ring behind a BMW Ring Taxi

    The Entrance to the "Green Hell", or as I like to call it, the "Green Heaven"!

    25 Euro and this is what you get to do

    and another (Me Driving and Victoria taking Pics and Film.)

    What a Trip. I managed to pull off a 12 minute Lap on my Third Lap. The Track was shut down every 2 hours or so for another Accident. 3 People Died there on the Previous 2 Days before we got there. It is the Most Dangerous Race Track in the World for a reason.

    It might have been the Best Thing I have ever done in my life! If you are in Germany, go rent a Race Car and go to the Nurburgring! You will never forget it.

    Race Haven Hobbies
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    fantastic ! thanks for sharing


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      So how many Fits passed you or Jazz as they are known over there?

      Must tell the F in L. He has been there since early Sept and will be til Jan or Feb.


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        I passed One Jazz on the Track. It was Stock appearing though. I even managed to pass a Porsche 911.
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          Now that looks like a LOT of fun!!!

          Speaking of other peoples misadventures, how do they deal with damages that might occur to the rental "race" car if one de-slots?

          Thanks for sharing.


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            Well, you buy "insurance" from the rental company. At that point you are covered for any damages to your Car. I think it was around $150.

            Here is the Catch, on the Day I went it is considered a Public Toll Road. So normal rules of traffic and insurance apply. If there is a accident, the Police come and determine whos fault it is. This person will pay for the accident. Including any and all damage to the track. The Day before we got there there was a $700,000 Euro accident. They even charged the guy for the 6 Hours Downtime. The Guardrail is 25 Euro per foot, you have to buy at least a 4' section and there is a Top and bottom Rail.

            So in other words, Cause a Crash, and you are going to be on the hook for a Bunch of Money.

            Google the Oct 2 Nurburgring Accident. It is quite a scene.

            Race Haven Hobbies


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              Originally posted by Pro Stock View Post

              Google the Oct 2 Nurburgring Accident. It is quite a scene.

              Looks like the track maintenance personnel were a major contributor.


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                I agree Ron, it IS a great time! I went this past May. Visited every German auto maker Museum and factory. Plus, we went to Nurburg. Rented a VW Scirocco race car. My track time was cut short as just prior to the track opening for Tourist Fahren, a new Mclaren undergoing tests crashed and delayed everything for over an hour. Then it rained like crazy. Nothing like being on that track in race slicks during a sudden thunderstorm! My only regret about my trip was not finding a slot track while in Berlin. BTW, driving the Autobahn is a Breeze. Everyone obeys the rules of the road.


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                  Ah, the Autobahn. What a amazing thing. Not quite like I pictured it though.

                  If only we had drivers like that over here. If only.......