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  • I'm Back!

    Hi Guys,

    After a much needed summer break I am finally kicking around the store again. We will not fully re-open till Friday Sept 30, 2016 but I will be in and out of the store on the weekends. If you want to get in to get some early season supplies then let me know.

    I do have a Slot it Order on the way (with all the new cars including the DTM Alfa) and I am gearing up to do a 1/24th scale order as well. If any of you need anything let me know.

    There are a bunch of exciting new products from Scaleauto including the new GT3 chassis. Think DoSlot from Scaleauto!

    Much more news soon and I can't wait to get back at it this season. This is role call for all my guys. Chime in here if you survived the summer.

    Race Haven Hobbies

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    I survived, but my Smart Car is still hurting... bought a bunch of cars before it broke and then went East and helped in getting a Panoz to race at Mosport next year.

    So YES I'M in NEED of some racing!!!!!



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      I know I haven't been around much the last 2 years, I was wondering what was going on. I wouldn't mind dragging the kiddo out one Saturday afternoon to mess around. Hope to be there more this year.


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        Wish I was near where you are, but can't wait to see what you'll be building next. Wondering how the slammed VW Bus is coming along.


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          I missed you man!!! lol What can we expect from you coming up?


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            Hello everyone........

            Nash, for sure man.......drag the kids out anytime when we are back and fully open.

            As far as building, I have 5 projects currently on the go.......maybe 6. First on the hit list is indeed the VW. I have every intention of getting the first Cargo Nationals in the books this season.

            Then I have the 2 RWB Porsches to finish (Apple and GL). Then onto my LB 458 and finally my Porsche 908/3................

            Somewhere in between I need to wire the Jordan, final mount the body, and make a set of racing tires for it so we can see it run around............yes I will put up a video of that joyous moment.

            Lots coming this winter as the 1:1 program is coming to an end soon.

            Stay tuned to my "On my workbench" thread...........

            Race Haven Hobbies


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              Looking forward to your projects and also review of GT3 1/24 chassis. ~Ron