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  • Zero Negativity Store Policy

    Hello All,

    In light of recent events, Race Haven Hobbies is instituting a ZERO Negativity policy in the store.

    It is really simple, If any person in the store demonstrates any negative attitude or words of any kind towards a competitor or themselves, they will be asked immediately to appoligize for their actions.

    Anything short of an immediate and genuine apology will result in the offending competitor/competitors being TOLD to leave the facility. You will at that point be on a 1 month break from Race Haven Hobbies.

    The reality is we are playing with toy cars. If at any point in time it is not fun for you, take a break from your hobby.

    Negative attitude or words have NEVER been welcome in our facility. Now there will be penalties and consequences for negative actions or words.

    Lets try to keep it friendly and fun. Truthfully we have a great bunch and I love how well we race together in most cases.

    Moving forward I promise all my store patrons that there will be nothing but Fun and Smiles to be had on any given Race Day.

    Should we have another incident there is a really clear course of action that will be taken.

    Thanks for reading,
    Race Haven Hobbies
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