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Scaleracing Nationals Oct. 10-12, 2013

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  • Scaleracing Nationals Oct. 10-12, 2013

    The purpose of this thread is to express your interest in attending the Scaleracing Nationals at Racewear in Glen Burnie Maryland October 10-13, 2013. The prior mentioned scales and classes will be raced on those dates. If you have a question as to what will be raced refer to the other threads to get an idea.
    I in no way what to hear about or care about drama or dirty laundry in this thread. We are grown men playing with toy cars for Heaven's sake, lets keep that in perspective and not take ourselves too seriously.
    If you can or plan to attend at least one day then just simply post in this thread and say so. This will hopefully give Ricky and Alan a better idea of the potential turnout. Thus they can plan the event accordingly and give everyone a better idea of exactly what classes will be run on what day, and more importantly if they are even going to have the event.
    So, Gentlemen, please enter your intentions here to assist in the planning of this event.
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    ...and I will be the first to say I plan on attending at least one day depending what classes are run when.


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      I would have to agree with UW. I am going try and make it to at least one of those days. I just started getting back into the hobby so it is going to take me few to restock and practice. I have a few cars coming so it will all depend what class we are running.

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        I plan on attending on the Saturday, hopefully 1/24 Scale Auto and BRM will be raced that day.


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          Thank you all who want to make things happen.

          Ricky has been through a tough Summer as have many Retail Stores across this Great Land.

          I feel for the Hobby to survive, let alone grow and prosper we need Race Wear, and many more Stores committed to building a Track and Hosting Events.

          With regard to what will run and when, if we can get a good idea on who can make it out, especially the Local Clubs and Racing Groups then we can schedule around them to make it happen.

          We can certainly plan a full day on Saturday for the 1:24 scale BRM Group C, 917 and Megane Classes plus of course Scaleauto 1:24.

          Subject to who can make it, and what most want to run. We could do some 1:32 on Friday night, we could have Group C and LMP Open then. All of these would be Sprint Races.

          Sunday we could also have 1:32 or 1:24 and or Endurance races, what I need now it to hear who can come, which days, and Classes preferred.

          I know Ricky has a few New Racers who feel they are just not up to speed to do a National Final, while that is not true as all are welcome and all will learn from the Event ( Even me ) If we have enough new racers I can host a Novice Class, and no Robert Holt you cannot enter that!!!

          Seriously we need to support all Stores and Track that expose the Hobby to New Racers as without them the future is not so bright.

          So if I can hear from people real soon either direct 1-253-255-1807, or through Ricky, or on SCI here then we can still make this happen.

          A good time is promised to all, now can we do it, I say YES WE CAN!!!! Now I am listening.

          I can bring some cars for Racers who have not tried some of these Classes yet, plus I know a GREAT Store that sells them RACE WEAR!!!
          Alan Smith
          SCI Owner.



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            I'm good with all the 1/24 BRM and Scaleauto classes. I am also good with the Group C. I'd like to see an open LMP class race and an open modern GT race as well as a Racer Sideways race.


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              No Racer Sideways, as these races are for Lines I Import

              The Scaleracing National Finals are for lines I import so no Sideways.

              I do not think there would be enough time to do GT but we can see, would be Scaleauto, and Arrow not Open to all Brands.

              Anyone is welcome to run races for other Brands on a different weekend but this Event will be focused on the Lines I Import and Distribute.

              Only exception would be the Group C and Open LMP where I will let all comers run.

              Control tires will be used in all races, those being the Scaleauto Sponge.

              I Import Arrow, Avant Slot, BRM, Scaleauto, MSC, Octane and Top Slot. I host races as Maurizio Ferrari is a friend and has always supported these Events and SCI.
              Happy to discuss with other Manufacturers about hosting their Brands as well but they would need to support SCI.

              I cannot justify promoting these Events for free for other Brands, Ricky and I have to generate revenue to cover some of the costs.

              Rules will be the same as last year if we pull this off, except 1:32 LMP where I will allow in any of the LMP Cars on the market, should make for an interesting race, will also allow GT Cars like the Arrow Saleen unless we run a separate GT Class race.

              Most important thing now is to get Entries and days people can attend, and if the 1:32 works Friday night and possibly Sunday. Saturday is planned for BRM and Scaleauto, with 3 BRM Classes potentially plus Scaleauto that probably could take up a big part of Saturday.
              Still Race scheduling really depends on Entrants something that till now had not appeared.

              So Friday night 1:32 Group C plus 1:32 LPM Open.

              Saturday 1:24 Scaleracing with BRM and Scaleauto.

              Sunday could be more 1:32 and or Endurance, or ?
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              Alan Smith
              SCI Owner.



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                Rules will the same as last year.

                See this thread for rules, we will use the same as last year if we can make this happen. Similar classes also.

                Alan Smith
                SCI Owner.



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                  1) Are you in favor of the open LMP as opposed to an Avant Slot LMP race?
                  2) I just reread the BRM rules and I see the black motors are allowed. Just for my clarification, because I thought I read somewhere the black motors were out and the pink ones were the ones legal for use. In addition, same motors ok for the Meganes?
                  3) Will the new Arrow Saleen be available for these races?

                  Also, can you combine these threads into one so as not to have anyone miss any information between the two threads?


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                    Originally posted by Scaleracing View Post

                    If we have enough new racers I can host a Novice Class, and no Robert Holt you cannot enter that!!!
                    WHAT!!!! And I had my hopes up...

                    But looking forward to racing at Race Wear, Ricky is a great host, he has 2 championship calbre tracks, and there's lots of fun to be had. I've been there several times and have had fun finishing first, last and somewhere in between, because of the atmosphere. Ricky and Alan have made great efforts to keep the balance of fun with fairness. Hoping to see a good number of racers confirm their attendance.


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                      I will make the SlotIt Group C only. I have none of the other cars and am not in the postion at the moment to buy more slot cars. I just bought a 1974 Lotus Europa, and right now all discretionary money goes to it. And it will likely continue to absorb all 'extra' money for as long as I own it. ;-)

                      Although I suppose I could run it in the 1/24 scale class.

                      Todd Brace
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                        Oh yeah I'm always ready for the nationals and Alan boy he makes it fun and competitive although its a tough weekend men day on that Sunday and other things to do preparing for men's day but I live close enough to sneak in some racing most likely Friday and some Saturday


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                          Sunday is just an idea

                          I realize there are other things going on Sundays Sport wise, and if no one would attend then we would plan on Friday night and Saturday being the Event days.

                          This is why we need to hear quickly from those who will come out, and what days work.
                          Alan Smith
                          SCI Owner.



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                            In can supply some loaner cars.

                            I will make the Group C only. I have none of the other cars and am not in the position at the moment to buy more slot cars. I just bought a 1974 Lotus Europa, and right now all discretionary money goes to it. And it will likely continue to absorb all 'extra' money for as long as I own it. ;-)
                            I am sure I can whip up some good loaner cars, if I know people are coming and want to race. The more the merrier, all I need to know is numbers, and what schedule could work.

                            Maybe I need a quick poll.

                            Friday evening for 1:32 Group C and LMP Open, is that good for most. Start around 7.00 PM.

                            Saturday all day racing so BRM, Scaleauto and if we have time, and people want to run we could still do 1:32 on Saturday. Just depends on how many and how late we want to run.

                            Sunday could be a day of rest, then I can get home early to my family.

                            Saturday looks good for 1:24. Start around 12.00 with practice from 9.00 AM.

                            We can run BRM Group C most have these cars, and I can bring loaners. STOCK except any BRM motor, so no motor rules or testing.

                            BRM Megane, a lot of the locals have these cars, I suggest run rubber tires, loose but fun, STOCK other than prep.

                            BRM 917 could be IROC, yes I will bring the cars you show up and race.

                            Scaleauto fixed gearing 12:44 either SC-0025b or SC-0026 motors.

                            Of course all cars must have wings fitted at all times while racing ( if the come with a wing. Refitting only under green.

                            So do we have a race? Do we have Drivers, I will speak to Ricky, hoping the Capitol Racing League guys and other Clubs can show up for this Event.
                            Alan Smith
                            SCI Owner.



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                              That looks like a good open weekend for me.. Keeping my fingers crossed. Only thing I don't have is a megane. I'm sure wont mind selling me one 😎