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Large Ninco Track Lot for Trade

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  • Large Ninco Track Lot for Trade

    Looking to swap my garage layout. Fully setup the layout would literally fill my two car garage and was a blast to race on. I have moved onto a smaller but more Wife friendly routed layout. The track is in excellent condition, it is not bent, rusted, abused in anyway and you would be hard pressed to tell it was ever used. I never 'mounted' the track - would only setup for race weekends and the rest of the time it was stored in the house.

    Looking to trade for:
    4 BRM cars (aluminum chassis only) - doesn't have to be new, but in 'stock condition'. 917's/Camaro/Mustang
    DJI Air drone - Not my thing, but the kids have been nagging me for one.

    I am located in San Diego and willing to drive about an hour in any direction, local trade preferred - shipping this track would be very costly.

    Here is the inventory:

    WICO base and controllers, I have the transformer, but the wire was cut as I originally had it hooked up to a variable power supply - I'll supply that wire too.
    Carrera Timing gate - works great
    DS Timing system - I bought this on this forum and could never get it to work, so not advertising it as working. It was sold to me as working, but I could never get it to register laps - could be because I never drilled holes in the track for the sensors, but including in case you want to give it a go.

    I also have a large bag of plastic rail border that I never used and a fair number of extra borders outside the ones listed below.

    Track and borders:
    Ninco Straight 10102 (62) - 60 'stock' straights and 2 of them wired together for power
    Ninco 1/2 Straight 10103 (10)
    Ninco 1/4 Straight 10104 (5)
    Ninco 1/8 Straight 10116 (3)
    Ninco Curve 1 10106 (23)
    Ninco Curve 2 10105 (23)
    Ninco Curve 3 10107 (2)
    Ninco 1/2 Straight Border 10203 (66)
    Ninco Curve 1 Inner border 10205 (4)
    Ninco Curve 1 Outer border 10206 (23)
    Ninco Curve 2 Inner border 10207 (23)
    Ninco Curve 2 Outer border 10208 (2)
    Ninco Curve 3 Inner border 10209 (2)

    If the images don't display below here are links to them:

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    still have this?


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      Still available - I was out of town for a bit so missed the last msg.
      I am open to other trades too - Fly, JK cars, etc - just trying to find a home this track.