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Wanted: Fly 934 in rough shape

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  • Wanted: Fly 934 in rough shape

    Hi Race Fans,

    I'm looking for a damaged FLY 934 body. It can be in pretty rough shape because I really only need the 'whale tail' rear spoiler for a project. Even just the spoiler will make me happy.

    I have a few spare motors in my parts bin for trade:
    Fly Rally Racing EVO2 with the original Fly 9 tooth pinion - TRADED for Carrera E200 motors.
    Two Revell/Monogram motors out of a pair of Corvette Grand Sports

    Let me know what you feel is fair, I will also consider cash payment.

    Send me an email to attic_racer@yahoo.nospam.canada (replace .nospam.canada with .ca)

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    Surely somebody out there has managed to wreck a Fly Porsche 934 by now?


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      I'm sure they have.

      I'm at the point where I only need to borrow the complete whale tail section of the 934 for 2-3 weeks. A buddy of mine is casting resin action figure parts for sale on ebay and he's willing to try his hand at a 934 back end for my Fly Racing 911.

      If the mould works out and isn't too heavy I might be able to offer this part to other 934 fans. Certainly the donor should get a couple of examples to play with...

      Hey buddy can you spare a spoiler?