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Carrera GTO & Camaro: NLA

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  • Carrera GTO & Camaro: NLA


    Got these in a recent trade. Older type Carreras w/o braking to them. Both are used with play wear of scuffs and what not. Camaro missing rear spoiler and mirror, GTO missing mirror. Good for racing and running.

    Will trade for just about anything and would still like other Carreras. Can also do a trade and $$$ for you as well if it helps with your cars.

    PM me for information. Would prefer to keep the deals within the US.

    Keep racing,

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    I just bought the new GTO but I like the stock look of yours. I wonder if your wheels would fit on my GTO. Another guy a few threads up wants to get a hold of some spinner wheels. This would get complicated though.
    Btw, how can a car not have brakes? The braking is done in the controller. The only way a slot car ccould not have brakes when the controller with brakes is hooked up right would be if there were a one-way clutch in the drivetrain. Unless there's something I'm missing.


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      The old Carrera Evo cars that were produced until 2003 suffered from very high gearing wherefore the motors were not strong enough to have much of a braking effect. Instead of braking they just coast along. To improve on that you need to change the gears to something lower, more like 3:1 or even less. Unfortunately, the old Carrera axles have a lesser diameter than standard which requires you to change not only the pinion and crown gear but also the rear axle.


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        carrera gto

        You What You Could Do Is Pick Up A New Carrera Gto And Use The New Chassis On That Older Body,also I Think Carrera Sells The New Axle With The New Gearing All In One Pkg...then You Could Order The Newer E-200 Motor For It. It Doesn't Cost Much. Thats What I Did With My Older Version Of The Carrera Bentley Speed 8 And It Runs Fine With Better Braking Mario.