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Swap: Scalextric Challenge Pace car system for Pacer System

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  • Swap: Scalextric Challenge Pace car system for Pacer System

    Hi All!

    No bites so far on my 'WTB' post, so how's this: I have a Scalextric Challenger pace car system (the robot Mercedes pace car) that works great. Anyone got a good working Scaley Pacer system (lets you use your car as the pace car) they want to trade for it?


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    I must have missed the WTB post, but I do have a Pacer system for sale. I haven't used it, but I think it's complete -- the system is built straight into the track piece, but I believe you have to supply the power supply.

    Let me know if you're interested!


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      i got a pacer from a fellow sci member some time ago .. do you understand that it is a 'classic/scx' track piece, and will need 'adaptor pieces' to use with sport - if in fact you are using sport .. the other (more important) point is that everything then plugs into the 8003 unit - power for the unit (and the track!) via a wallwart (and only one!) and controllers .. of course, this means 'two wire' controllers and no brakes !!

      having said that, my pacer works great .. i have an scx trainerII as well, and also a 'challenger car' and go back to the 8003 invariably .. with a decent parma controller, the racing is great .. the ability to 'train' the car to 'your' speed is a super idea - it allows different rates of speed for different levels of drivers .. btw, the SCX trainerII units are pretty good too .. they work in a similar fashion, but suffer the same drawbacks - proprietory wallwart and controlles .. another note about SCX is you are limited (the instructions say) to 15m of track length ..

      anyway, just a 'heads up' in case ya didn't know ..

      cheers .. pete
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