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LMP Swap - SCX Peugeot 908 "Worldwide Edition"

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  • LMP Swap - SCX Peugeot 908 "Worldwide Edition"

    I have two of these wonderful cars, and I'd like to trade on my sealed, never-ever-ever opened example for a different LMP car, not necessarily from SCX and it certainly doesn't have to be mint.

    If I have any preferences, here they are, but don't be shy! I'll entertain all offers, even cars that aren't necessarily LMP's.

    Preference List

    - Spirit Dallara or Courage
    - Sloter Zytek
    - Avant Slot Pescarolo or Porsche
    - Ninco Acura
    - ScaleAuto Toyota or Radical

    Seriously, this is a great running and great looking car. I hope someone wants to enjoy it as much as I enjoy mine.

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    I would be willing to trade an RTR OVSRL car for it...not sure which one we should talk about it when you get a chance, i ilke the car and wouldn't mind having one.


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      Deal accepted! Be happy to discuss the what whenever most convenient.


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        sent you a pm on yuku