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  • Sport Track pieces and borders

    I was cleaning out some old stuff today and came across some track pieces and borders that maybe someone could use. I have 3 brand new packages of R3 curves, 1 full straight, 1 R2 curve. 15 long curved borders either for R3 or R2 curves. 4 straight borders and 4 small curve borders. Most borders have been painted grey but could easily be cleaned up and back to the natural color.

    Things I am in need of, Looking for 1/32 Artin fat boy chassis, 1/24 Pro Track chassis, or other 1/32 cars.
    If interested in any of this reply here or contact me at [email protected]

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    Iím looking to expand my sport track soon so Iím sure I could use all the border pieces. Maybe the R-3 curves? I havenít planned my layout yet. Are the R-3 curves mainly for a 4-lane layout? Iím only going to be using 2 lanes.

    I donít have much to trade but I did just pick up these cars from another SCI member. Do you have any interest in any of these?

    Scalextric Renault F1 #8 (C2582)
    Carrera Enzo Ferrari Yellow (25703)

    Carrera Porsche Carrera GT Black (25451)

    I also have the following that I'm not using:
    A Scalextric Wal-wart and two stock controllers.
    To unopened rolls of copper tape.

    Let me know if any of these are of any interest to you.

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      I have two lightly used Scaley F1 cars. One is the yellow Jordan #9 and the other is the BMW #10. I would be interested in the track and borders also...

      Let me know if those cars are of interest to you!



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        Thanks for the offers guys. Richard, I used the R3 curves on my old 2 lane layout with no problems. Im really not interested in anything Carrera. The F1 cars are also not really my thing and I dont even think they would help out in any customs that I am doing. I apprieciate the offers but is there anything else either of you might have to trade for?


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          I don't. My collection and customizations have just been started, so I don't have a bunch of stuff to part with yet.

          Thanks anyhow!



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            I'll send you a picture of my track .

            No, I wish I had something else to trade. Maybe someome else will see this thread and we could work a 3-way swap?