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Swap: 1/18th scale die cast for 1/32 slots

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  • Swap: 1/18th scale die cast for 1/32 slots

    A mix of GT/LMP cars and rally cars (all rally cars are tarmac). No boxes. One for one swaps.

    I've got:
    1. Autoart Panoz GTR-1 Silver Visteon Livery - missing antenna
    2. Maisto Mercedes CKL GTR Silver Warsteiner Livery
    3. Maisto Porsche 911 GT1 Red/White Green Test Livery
    4. UT Ford RS Cosworth Ford/Valvoline Blue/White Livery, Bruno Thiry
    5. AutoArt Toyota Corolla White Castrol Livery, Carlos Sainz
    6. AutoArt Ford Focus White Valvoline Livery, Colin McRae (with light pod)
    7. Solido Citroen Xsara Red/White Livery, Phillipe Bulgaski
    8. Solido Puegeot 206 Silver Clarion Livery, Marcus Gronholm
    9. AutoArt Ford Focus same as above, no light pod
    10. AutoArt Ford Focus Recce/Test Car White Ford Livery
    11. Five (5) Very Rare Universal Hobbies 1/18th scale Porsche 917s - would rather these go as a set - A. Martini #22 White, Marko/Lennep(?) with side wings B. #2 Gulf C. #2 Gulf with side wings D. #3 Martini Silver, Elford/Larrouse E. #22 Red/White Stripes. The 917s have no opening parts.
    12. Miasto 99 BMW LMR # 15 White Dell Livery
    13. Maisto 99 Audi R8R # 8 Black/Silver Livery
    14. UT Ford Escort RS Cosworth Street Car Blue
    15. Bburago Alpine A110 Street Car Red

    Pictures upon request.
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    I emailed you about the 5 Universal Hobbies Porsche 917's. Did you get my email?


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      No, I did not. Could you resend?

      Thanks, Mark


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        Mark, I got your email with the pics and wrote you back. Not sure if they are they style cars you really want but I listed them in my email.