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  • Slot car bodies for swap

    I have the 2 Artin slot car bodies for swap below..... (Bodies only, no chassis)......

    The MGM Artin Lola is brand new and the artin porsche is a repaint.

    I am looking for in swap:

    1-monogram cobra daytona bare chassis

    1-monogram cobra daytona axle/wheel/tire set

    I will trade both bodies for the monogram parts listed above.....

    If interested contact me at this posting.......

    Continental USA only please.....


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    Hey Wayne, you contacted me about a trade for my FLY Ferrari for these 2 Artins. What would you have to get for the Lola alone (as a complete car w/chassi) for a sale, if you would?



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      Hey Matt!

      I only have the bodies to offer currently......

      The chassis for these cars were going to be put under a couple of my scratch build cars. I decided to use the artin chassis instead of using the scaley T/A chassis which would add quite abit more to my over all cost in building them........

      I wasn't looking for much in trade for just the 2 bodies now.

      The Lola body is brand new. The porsche as you can see is a repaint.

      I was looking to get the monogram cobra daytona parts I got listed as wants in trade for them possibly........

      But here is an idea: Do you still have that Fly Ferrari????

      If so, I'm still interested in it.... I might be tempted to trade the artin lola complete with chassis and a little cash for the ferrari if you like????

      Let me know.........

      If not then I will keep the artin chassis for my scratch builds and what do you have to swap me for just these 2 bodies?

      I no longer have a need for them so what do you have to trade for them?????

      Talk to ya!

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        Both bodies still available for swap (bodies only, no chassis)......... Anybody?????

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          Hey Wayne,

          I have a guy who is offering me a Lambo & Lola for the Fly. I asked about the Lola for maybe a re-paint for myself. I really don't have anything else to trade as all 19 of my cars are Artins, any kind of buy price for those bodies?


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              Traded...... Thanks for looking!!!!!

              Traded...... Thanks for looking!!!!!