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Problem logging in on iPad

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  • Problem logging in on iPad

    I know this isnt the place to post this , but I am having trouble getting onto the SCI site on my iPad. When I try , it says your browser will redirect , but it never does. It also says "DDoS protection by Cloudfire " wich I believe is the problem. Anyone familiar with this. And any idea how to fix it .

    Thanks , Rick:

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    The Cloudflare distributed denial of service protection is common to everybody logging in, regardless of browser. It is necessary, but shouldn't affect your inability to log in.

    Not sure what's up with your iPad but hopefully someone can help.


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      I use CloudFlare on my site also.....

      The problem is much deeper than Cloudflare, if it is set as default to "I am Under Attack".

      This setting is meant to be temporary until the real issue is fixed. Fix it for Christ Sake...

      Why members are subjected to this treatment has always been a mystery. And also one reason
      activity has dropped.


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        login problem

        I can get on with my other tablets , just not my iPad , wich is the tablet I use . I can get on with my Mac computer too. I get on all other slot car forums with my iPad , just not SCI. If its the site , please fix it if possible.
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          My Ipad is working. Have you updated your Ipad to latent version of iOS ?


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            Update iPad

            Probably not. Wich version are you using.


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              I suspect our Danish friend meant 'latest', rather than latent; an easy error that a spell check wouldn't catch.

              This page of info might help you with your update.


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                up to date

                I just now updated it. Tried again , and still cant get on. Checked and It says my software is up to date.
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                  I can get on SCI using my wifeís iPad but it wonít let me using mine.


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                    Then logically, given that it doesn't seem to be a problem with iPads in general, then it's a problem with your iPad.

                    Would like to help out, but I would be clueless unless it was in my hands ... does Safari have a way to clear cookies? Just a thought, I'm a Windows/Android type person.


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                      Yeah Iíve cleared the cache and cookies. Iíve always been a windows person also. About a year ago , I bought a Mac computer , then an iPhone , then two iPads. Regretted it ever since. Itís seems odd that I can get on any site I try except sci. I will contact apple support tomorrow. Thatís one good thing about apple products. There customer service is super.


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                        Verify "Block all Cookies" is not enabled in "Settings" , "Safari".

                        Blocking cookies can prevent SCI from loading.



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                          SCI site problems

                          Well after 2 weeks of trying to log on to the SCI site on my ipad , with no success. I spent 30 minutes on the phone with an apple tech , to learn that my ipad is fine , and the problem is within SCI. More than likely with Cloudflare. This has all given me a headache. If my pain reliever starts to fail me , I will look for a product that wont. SCI might try doing the same thing. Just my 2 cents. I do like SCI , I just wish I could get on with my ipad , which is what I use 95% of the time.


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                            The problem is with your iPad and settings. I use my IPad all the time to view SCI with no problems.
                            As your wife’s IPad allows you into the forum and not yours logic would seem to be your iPad has a different setting some where.