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Copper Braid - how much

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  • Copper Braid - how much

    Hi guys,

    I have been researching the cost of braids tapes etc.

    While its easy enought to find tape suppliers, actually finding suppliers of braid seems a little more complex (here in Australia, anyway). I have found 1 manufacturor, but braid is no longer a stock item. You must purchase 500m @ $2.20 per metre for them to manufacture it for you. (dont ask me for specifics, someone else is doing the running around for me)

    So, whats the supply like in places like the U.s. or even the U.K. What prices per metre (or Yard, if you must) are you guys paying?

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    We like things simple and cheap...105 ft rolls of copper tape for $7...worked for us for over 35 years


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      Check this out as a probable source for copper tape retailers:


      Unless you're after magnetic braid, it's like Luf says, you have no reason to buy anything else!

      :drivin :drivin :drivin


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        That still doesn't answer my question.

        Copper Tape is easy to get and cheaper, I know, but I still would like to find out the cost of braid.

        Anyone? Anyone?


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          braid source

          It's been several years since I built my track, and I have lost most of the resource links I used at that time. Check out these guys though:

          See p. 51 of their PDF catalog for 1/4" wide X .030" thick tinned copper flat braid. Prices should be reasonable, although shipping to Oz may jack it up. Good luck.



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            Re: braid source

            I think I chucked all my notes from when I built my track, but I believe that a 500 ft roll of the braid was something like 110 dollars. (not the magna-braid, that's much more expensive)


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              this is what I have found so far
              Magnatech copper-steel slot car track braid is a highly durable
              alternative to copper track braid. Each strand has a steel wire core
              surrounded by a copper cladding that has been tinned to prevent oxidation.
              Current carrying capacity (Ampacity) & abrasion resistance is better than
              pure copper. The added bonus of a magnetically attractive material means all
              currently available scales of slot cars can utilize traction magnets.
              > Here's the current pricing on Magnatech Braid:
              > 1/8"(.125X.020) braid used for HO scale
              > 0-499' $.30/ft
              > 500'-999' $.27/ft
              > 1000'+ $.25/ft
              > 3/16"(.19X.025) braid used for HO, 1/32 & 1/24 scale
              > 0-499' $.34/ft
              > 500'-999' $.31/ft
              > 1000'+ $.29/ft
              > 1/4"(.245X.025) braid used for 1/32 & 1/24 scale
              > 0-499' $.48/ft
              > 500'-999' $.45/ft
              > 1000'+ $.40/ft
              > I also sell a durable non-magnetic 1/4" tinned copper braid, specifically
              made for slot car tracks.
              > 500' $70.00
              > 1000' $125.00


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                Re: braid

                Cool, thanks for providing that information. This kind of stuff should be stored in our archives somewhere for future reference....


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                  Re: braid


                  where would this be from? Is this from you personally?


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                    no it not me but here is the info Hope it is ok to post this if not please delete it

                    Jim Honeycutt
                    > Magnatech SRP
                    > Box 29931
                    > San Antonio TX 78229-0931
                    > [email protected] or [email protected]
                    > (210) 308-6909 FAX (830) 755-2481


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                      Re: braid

                      thanks Jeep.

                      I am unsure about the freight to Australia. This may not make it worth my while, but all I need to do is ask!!


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                        Hoffy Are you going to get it sent to AUS?

                        Hey Hoffy
                        I am thinking bout building a track using magnatech braid

                        I thought we may be able to arange to get some shipped out and share the cost

                        Reply if your interested



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                          Re: Hoffy Are you going to get it sent to AUS?

                          Hey repeet.

                          Sorry, I'm not heading down the magnabraid path

                          Some one in our club has organised the locally manufactured copper braid. They needed to fill a minimum order, so I am now kinda committed.

                          If it falls through, I will let you know!!


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                            Re: Hoffy Are you going to get it sent to AUS?

                            Paco: "Those who live by the magnet, shall die by the magnet!"

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                            Paco: "To HELL with them, then!"

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                              Re: Hoffy Are you going to get it sent to AUS?

                              :lol :rollin :lol :cheers