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A minor gripe... maybe not so minor

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  • A minor gripe... maybe not so minor

    I've noticed a lot of really large photos being posted on this particular forum and others where people are displaying their cars and other projects. Some posts will contain several multimegabyte images. It looks to me like people are taking high-res photos of their cars or whatever and posting them without editing down the file sizes for the Internet. The result is photos that take forfreakinever to load, even on good DSL.

    One thing that would really help would be if everyone took the resolution down to 72 pixels per inch. That's more than adequate for Internet use (it's the rsolution most slot car e-commerce sites seem to use) and cuts the file sizes and, therefore the load times way down. If someone wants a high-res image they can request one to be e-mailed by the person who posted the photo. If this were to become the universal practice on slot car forums it would make it a lot easier for someone who has limited time to keep up with all that's happening on this forum and others. I love the photos, just not the load times.


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    Getting the big picture?

    I have a gripe too! It's when Members post in pretty much any Forum, particularly the 1/32 Forum, about things that have nothing to do with the general classification there.

    The massive size of some of these photos is indeed annoying though; but I suspect it's not deliberate on the part of the folks submitting them, more that they just don't know how to reduce them, or how much they should do so, before they submit their Posts.

    These days, it seems that sites like Photobucket can handle just about anything in terms of what you upload (must be phenomenal server capacity), so when Members use a link like that they may not realize what a huge picture they are incorporating. At least when folks attach Thumbnails using the little paperclip symbol, to upload directly from their computer, the permissible size is automatically controlled.

    How many people are familiar with "pixels per inch"? I always tend to think in terms of "666 x 500" or whatever, as this is what programs such as Picasa or Microsoft Viewer present their picture size information in.

    Perhaps some guidance, in terms that everyone can understand, of how to present pictures here - and how to limit their size to something manageable yet with high resolution - could be presented?


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      hey, you guys left out another possible explanation: that the poster just may not care about the readers' download speed.

      while we're whining, i hate people who can't spell or use proper grammar, people who post in text-message prose, smilies, & people who rarely use caps!

      as no guidelines are presented prior to loading pics, there is very little reason to worry about re-sizing images. plus, they get automatically re-sized for you.

      i dunno, mebbe we should just warn people not to open posts w/ pics if they have an issue w/ waiting for the downloads.
      how 'bout we warn people that coffee is hot, better yet, a warning on the pizza box saying you could burn your mouth, unless it's pizza from Papa John's, Pizza Hut, or Domino's,then the warning should just say "warning: this box does not contain pizza"

      whoops, i'm ranting..........


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          Free image resizer - a web-posters solution for EASY image resizing:



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            Buried deep in Windows is Paint, which has been around forever and can be used to reduce the size of pictures. Go to Start/Programs/Accessories/Paint. People with digital cameras should invest in a good photo editing program. There are free ones that you can get over the Internet, but you can't go wrong with Adobe Elements. When I resize pictures for BBs I usually make them 640 pixels wide. Sometimes the subject calls for a larger picture, but I don't like to go more than 800 pixels.
            I hate it when people put dancing banannas on their posts.


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              hey race fans ,
              Wats up with da picture thing I didn't know we had to do somthin to seeum they just alwas there and btw what is gramer anyway sometimes I use spell check but it dun't always tell me the rite spelling



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                Why do people use these awful 'smiley' dancing or still images. Some contributors fire and spread them over the screen, as if from a 12 guage shotgun.

                Whats wrong with using words?

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