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  • articles and .pdf

    Can the articles somehow also be available as a .pdf so I can download the ones I am interested in and print them out later?
    Or is there an easy way to turn an article into a .pdf file myself...?


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    Look for some shareware called PDF995. It installs a print driver that lets you print anything as a PDF file. The latest version of MSWord will let you save as PDFs also.


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      Here is what I have done in the past... at the top of the thread you will see a "Thread Tools" drop down. Select this and then select "Show Printable Version". This shows the thread with all the extra graphics and "fluff" removed. NOTE: It will remove images posted within the thread but you can copy and paste them if you follow the latter method of getting the thread into a document, as described next. Now you can do 1 of 2 things. If you have Adobe Acrobat installed on your machine, you can print the file to PDF (print to PDF functionality is usually installed by default) or you can select all the text (CTRL-A), then open your favourite word processor and paste the thread into the document. Then save as normal (or as PDF from Micro$oft Word - as Van has noted) to your hard drive and then you have the document available at all times to read.

      One other thing... if the thread is shown on multiple pages you can change the display to show the entire thread on one page, which makes copying and pasting easier.