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Picture posting for Mac users - advice, please!

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    Exporting photos to SCI

    I tend to shoot all my photos in RAW format so need to convert them for SCI anyway. iPhoto has a pretty neat tool called "export." Simply follow the prompts and select the size that works (for SCI in this case, I use 600x***), format, and save it to a location of your choosing. Then go to SCI and upload the photos. Easy as cake.




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      Anyone able to copy and paste from the gallery into a thread? I can't seem to select the text from the line under the picture in the gallery. Wanted to add, I am trying to do all of this on the iPad.

      I figured out if I go to my gallery and press and hold on a clip, not a full size picture, I can then copy and paste the link into the thread.

      Still have not figured how to paste the actual photo.

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          Originally posted by tachyonbb View Post
          Your thumbnail worked fine as you can see, but may I suggest you try using your 'My Gallery' album? It's so easy to use that even I figured it out, and super easy to copy/paste your images from there into your SCI posts if you keep two Windows open and use Firefox as your browser.


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            I'm an idiot.

            Just realized you placed your test in a thread about using Mac computers. Doh!

            That said, I still think the SCI Album each member gets after 25 posts is a nifty device. No doubt some other fruity computer user can advise on how easy it is to post pictures from it into your posts.


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              posting pictures

              I've put up a thread to share how I built my track, and it seems like when I try to add pictures, they don't load automatically. they come up as a link that you have to click, and you have to log into the site to see the pictures.

              I edit my pictures to under 100 kB and directly upload them to the post.

              Should I be doing something different?


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                No matter where your pictures are hosted or what operating system you are using you have to use the correct BB code for the pictures to show in your post. If you just use the URLs they will only show as links. A URL is the Internet address of the picture by the way. You need to use this format for the BB code:

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