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The ol' posting photos question...

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  • The ol' posting photos question...

    G'Day Troops,

    Chateau Bov has finally joined the modern world and has acquired a digital camera (even though it's the size of a pack of cards, Canon says it has 7.1 megathingies)...

    In order to share pics onto the board, I need to be brought up to speed on how to post them. I know this has been covered too many times in the past, but I'm either too lazy or incompetent to find the previous threads (perhaps they were lost in the big move)..

    I do vaguely remember something about Photobucket, and have found their website - looks like I could follow that - but could some kind soul just run me through the proceedures re: including said pics into their posts?

    Thanks in advance.

    BTW, we've also just received a new Video Camera - so stay tuned for a cry for help re: posting videos...

    Cheers, Tony.

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    Answered my own question by reading the thread below - D'Oh.....

    Thanks for your help.....

    Now to take some pics....

    Cheers, Tony.