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frustrated about pics

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  • frustrated about pics

    i'm trying like @#$% to post pics but cant get the hang of it at all. i am in this bucket and maybe i'm doing the opposite of what they are telling me. anyone out there can help i wouldcertainly appreciate it. i just dont think it should be this difficult

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    photobucket posting

    Sounds like your in photobucket now. You have to sign up with photobucket, then up load your pics there. Open the site where you want to post a pic and select the forum. Minimise the forum site then go to photobucket to where your pic is saved. There are three lines of writing across the bottom of each photo. Swipe across the one on the bottom and copy it. Reopen the forum site and go to the place you want to post your pics. Click on that place and paste your copied pic. Finish your post then hit save or send, whatever is there. That should do it for you.


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      thanks for the great info. i was running out of hair , just scratching my head trying to figure things out


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        reosting pics on Photobucket

        Hope the information got you going. I was very frustrated myself until I figured it out.


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          Test, Test 1...2.... (hey, I should be a Roadie.....)

          Well, I've just opened a Photobucket a/c, so let's see how it works....

          This should be a pic of a railway station....

          Cheers, Tony.

          ok - so I'm impressed - stay tuned to be hammered with Bov's slotty pics (er, once I take some )...
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