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    Who should pay for PayPal fees ? The seller or the buyer ?

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    Seller, include it in the price of the item and be done with it. Even if it's a good deal I won't buy something on this or any other forum if the seller asks the buyer to pay the fees, or avoid the fees by asking for the payment to be sent as a gift.


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      I agree totaly... on this forum this guy, a great seller, has this trade, "the buyer pays for his fees" ! NO WAY MAN !
      Last edited by legrandnormand; 10-24-2014, 09:42 PM.


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        BEWARE... if you buy from him, mab0707 you will pay for PayPal fees...


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          Normand, you need to understand something here.

          There is no hard and fast 'rule' about PayPal fees. And if the seller clearly declares the conditions of his sale, then there is no misrepresentation; nor is there any SCI Forum Rule being broken.

          So if you don't like the 'deal' being offered, then your choice is clear - don't make the purchase. That simple.

          But it is inappropriate for any SCI Member to launch a thread with the deliberate intention of criticizing another Member, and we will not tolerate this behaviour.

          If you, or any other Member, have an issue or a problem with something on SCI, then all you have to do is click on the 'Report Post' icon and leave a message for the Administrators/Moderators about it, for us to deal with as necessary and appropriate.

          You're about to have the opportunity to read the SCI Rules again, this is something I am doing to help you out. If you don't agree with them, then DO NOT click on the 'I Accept' option.

          Thank you, Paul