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about inserting photo's in posts/reply's

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  • about inserting photo's in posts/reply's

    This is a question for SCI-admins.:

    1) How do I insert photo's from my SCI-gallery in my posts/reply's?
    I've been trying, but it didn't work ...

    2) Can I insert photo's from my SCI-gallery in earlier sent posts/reply's?

    Sorry for being such an analphabetic ...

    Greetings from Belgium
    Lots of Slots
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    Hmmm... appears to be a problem with the gallery links at the moment - I can't get them to work for adding a picture to a post either. When it get's fixed, the following procedure should work:

    To inset photos from your gallery (or from another online photo storage site), first go to the picture in your gallery (or in other host site) and copy the URL from the address line at the top of the web page, then go to the SCI forum and open a message to post (click the "Post Reply" button); click the Insert Image icon in the toolbar above the text box (icon with a mountain and the sun) - a pop up window will open asking you for the URL of the image you want to post - paste the URL you copied on into the space provided and click OK; finish adding any text you want and submit your post.

    To insert a picture in one of your previous post's, click the "Edit" button on the post, then use the Insert Image icon at the top pf the editing box - just proceed as described above.


    PS thanks for the bit of info on Ickx and Merx - did not know that the Cannibal (one of my idols as a young racer) was the same age as Jackie

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        If you go to "advanced settings" on the reply, instead of "quick reply", you can then select an image link to another url by clicking the small square with the mountains and sun in it in the toolbar.

        Then, add the link in the popup window, and then preview it. If it works, then submit it.

        Cool car.


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          This is a test:

          It seems to work.
          I've opened SCI forum twice, one with this page "reply", and another one with one of my photos in my SCI gallery.
          Then I dragged this photo from the "SCI gallery" page to the "reply" page.
          When I do a "preview post", the whole thing is inserted.
          Now I'm going to submit reply ...
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            Thanks GT6 !
            Vielen Dank Mikey !

            It's probably not exactly what you both 've been explaining, but the most important is :
            "The Result"

            BTW, Mikey, you seem to like my P917, as a German of course.
            But take a look in my SCI gallery: 2 icons of sports' 70th birthday
            and there you'll find more German cars. But these are scale 1/1

            Greetins from Belgium
            Lots of Slots
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              And now I've inserted photo's in an older reply in the thread:
              "Manufacturer's corner" > "BRM model cars" > "The best BRM runner?"
              And it worked !

              So once again: Thanks/Vielen Dank

              Lots of Slots


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                That's great, Hufo. Glad you got it sorted out. Those are some great 70th pics. Beautiful cars!


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                  And now one of the SCI-admins 's moved this thread to a better location.
                  So, it seems to be a good thread...

                  Lots of Slots

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                    Now that I'm able to insert photo's in posts/reply's, after uploading to my gallery, I'm wondering if I can upload pdf-files to my gallery.
                    Is there an admin who can inform me ?
                    I've been doing a comparing test-race with my BRM 1/24 cars.
                    I've made a pdf of the results, and would like to upload them in my BRM gallery, so I can publish them on SCI ...

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                      I don't believe pdf files will upload to your Gallery, but you should be able to attach them to a post. Same thing with Google docs,, etc.

                      You're going to find that different operating systems and/or browsers will deal with this differently, perhaps; you might want to experiment in the Test Forum.

                      I think I can show you an example of pdf attachment, excel also, here (RAA Scoring Thread). Also in an RAA Thread, you can see RichD (our resident rocket scientist) posting scores to his Gallery, in this Post.


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                        For that thread I actually did a screen grab of an Excel document and posted it as a picture. I use Snagit to do screen grabs.
                        I put PDF documents on Google Drive and link to them there. Google Drive does not always play well with some browsers, so I usually offer to e-mail the file if there is a hitch with that.
                        In order to post pictures they have to be on a server, your home computer is not a server. You can put your pictures on the SCI server if you have enough posts. One hitch with using the SCI server is that it puts a logo at the bottom of the picture, if you do not want it to cover anything important you need to leave enough space. To post pictures you have to copy the BB code and paste it into your post. Sometimes it is better to put your pictures on a site like Photobucket or Flickr. I like to put the same picture on a number of boards, linking to the SCI server from another site would be frowned on because that uses up bandwidth.
                        Photobucket changes the way it works from time to time, here is an article on using the latest version:
                        Using Flickr is similar to using Photobucket, but the BB code is buried in the middle of a long string of characters. I copy and paste the entire string and erase everything except the BB code. The BB code looks like this:


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                          So, if I understand correctly, it's not possible to upload a pdf-file to an SCI "archive", to make it accessible for SCI-users at all time.
                          However, when I take a look at the Manufacturer's corner, "BRM Model Cars", I've found a thread "BRM rules 2014-2015", where "Scaleracing" Alan inserted 3 docx-files.
                          Or, is it maybe because he's an SCI administrator ?
                          When I click on one of them, my internet-security asks me if I want to open or save:
                          "attachment.php of".
                          Btw, saving a pdf- or docx-file as a jpeg, texts will be difficult to read.

                          Lots of slots


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                            So, if I understand correctly, it's not possible to upload a pdf-file to an SCI "archive", to make it accessible for SCI-users at all time.
                            I would have thought that an attached pdf would be accessible so long as the post wasn't deleted (probably the SCI Member wishing to view it would have to be logged in).

                            "BRM Model Cars", I've found a thread "BRM rules 2014-2015", where "Scaleracing" Alan inserted 3 docx-files. Or, is it maybe because he's an SCI administrator ?
                            Those docs that Alan posted appear to be Excel Worksheets, openable using Word (though that's just the default, perhaps Google Docs or similar would also work; not my area of expertise). But I don't think he's using any supersonic administrative powers to do this; I've attached Word docs in the same way.

                            Pauses for thought ...

                            OK, experiment time. I just went to the site because I know there are lots of pdfs in their Downloads section, and so I've downloaded the GT40 one to my Desktop.

                            Now I'm going to try attaching it to this post using the paperclip thingy (technical term, OK?).

                            Now, let's see if it works ...


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                              How about that I am a Technical Genius ha ha!

                              It appears that attachments can be one of any of a number of file types:

                              bmp 43.9 KB 600 - doc 390.6 KB - - docx 390.6 KB - - gif 100.0 KB 650 - jpeg 100.0 KB 650 - jpg 100.0 KB 650 - pdf 976.6 KB - - png 19.5 KB 600 - txt 195.3 KB - - xls 4.77 MB - - xlsx 488.3 KB - - zip