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    I find that I have to log on every time I want to visit the Forum. I check "Remember Me", but it still insists that I log on with User Name & Password. Is this normal?

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    It very well could be in your particular case.

    The site "Remember Me" feature relies on your browser ALSO accepting cookies. If your browser isn't set to do that than there is nothing the site can be responsible for in that regard.

    You should check to see that your browser is set to accept cookies and once it does you will be remembered.

    Otherwise it would be like expecting a new acquaintance to remember your name without ever being told what it was in the first place.


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      I would like to comply, but I have no idea what "cookies" are.

      If I need cookies, how do I sign up for them? Is this some new software?

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        Go to your settings ...check them


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          Ask your grand child to help you make sure "cookies are enabled" in your browser, at least for this web site, if not all sites.
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            Hey Old Johnny,

            I went to "settings", and found no reference to "cookies".

            Now what?

            PitStop Hal


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              What browser are you using...?


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                Hey Beast Lee,

                I don't know what a "browser" is either, but my Search Engine is "AOL Search", or just "AOL". (I used to have "Google").

                Does this help? I've been using a PC for 19 years, and I've never had to be concerned about any "cookies" or a "browser".

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                  The browser is what you're viewing the net with...

                  Most people use Google Chrome, others use Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc., and they all have different ways to adjust their settings...

                  The search engine is what you use inside a browser...


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                    Go to your settings, and then look for the browser you use, safari in my case...there you will find a range of options including enablement of cookies from sites. Hit the enable, should be fine.


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                      Hey Old Johnny,

                      I clicked on "settings" on my toolbar, which took me to an alphabetical listing of computer functions.

                      I found no place where I could select my Browser.

                      Then I scrolled to "Browser Settings" and from there, I selected "Cookies".

                      The Cookie choices were:

                      1. Allow local data to be set.

                      2. Keep local data only until I quit my Browser.

                      3. Block sites from setting any data.

                      None of these choices brought back my "remember me" data.

                      Do I have the right place for restoring my Cookies?.....I even did a "System Restore" to a date 11 days earlier, which didn't help.

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                        I would try the first choice.


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                          Let's figure out which browser you're using.

                          (The AOL thing is just a superficial skin being used as your Home Page)

                          Looking at your toolbar (probably along the bottom of the screen) do you see any of these symbols?

                          Left to right, they are Safari (unlikely as you have a PC), Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer.

                          If you're not seeing any of them at the bottom then click on the 'Start' button at bottom left and see if you can spot your browser symbol there.

                          Once we know your exact browser, it will be easy to provide directions on how the cookies work in it.


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                            Wet, you are a saint.


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                              Originally posted by MrFlippant View Post
                              Wet, you are a saint.
                              I dunno about that Greg, sometimes the halo gets a bit tight, eh?