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    well Hal

    it happens to me as well - usually once a day and I have cookies turned on - perhaps I need choc chip cookies instead of short bread.....

    I am using Safari on a Mac with El Capt. OS (there is a mouthful) because my browser remembers my user name and password 3 clicks and I am logged in - pain in the butt - couldn't be bothered to find out why - perhaps I will someday

    anyway there are at least two of us with this problem
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      Yeah, I have that issue on the iPad using Safari myself.

      But Hal is using a PC (OS Unknown) and IE as a browser. On my PC, I'm always remembered using any of the top three browsers, and I haven't heard of anyone having this problem on a PC before unless their cookies were turned off.


      • #33 o.s. is windows seven,

        and I wouldn't even care if it wasn't.

        because you see, everybody has a system...

        but you can still lose with a system.

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          Open Internet Explorer by clicking the Start button , and then clicking Internet Explorer.

          Click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options.

          Click the Privacy tab, and then, under Settings, move the slider to the top to block all cookies or to the bottom to allow all cookies, and then click OK.

          Block or allow cookies - Windows - Microsoft

          If that doesn't work for you .. I give up.


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            HEY WCR,

            I did exactly as you suggested, moving the slider down to accept all cookies.

            I still have to log in.

            I guess my cookies stuck to the cookie sheet and wouldn't come off. Guess I'll have to use shortening next time I bake cookies.

            PitStop Hal
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              OK, now I'm puzzled. Having made that adjustment to allow all cookies (and I have no idea why the call them that, either) please try restarting your computer; this is frequently necessary with Windows systems in order for changes to take effect.


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                I shut down and re-started my computer.

                Same-o same-o...still gotta log on.



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                  Check to see the setting is still set.


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                    This has been an issue with this site for a long time.

                    As the owner and Admin of a totally unrelated website/forum that also use vBulletin the issue is a
                    matter of site maintenance, plain and simple.

                    The way some browsers handle cookies has changed since this version(3.8.1) of vB was current.
                    Long unsupported, the only way to fix this issue is to update the site to at least 4.2.x which is still
                    not the current supported version of 5.x and is the most secure.

                    As you can see the version the site is running is several generations old and unlike Slotcar racers,
                    not a good thing......

                    Now, let's see how long it takes 'Wet the god' to find something wrong with this post and ban me
                    for another 2 months.... or more.....
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                      It might be faster for people to change browsers. Chrome seems to handle this site's cookies just fine. But hey, maybe I'm just lucky.


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                        Jesla, that's a great idea and has been discussed numerous times HOWEVER this site suffers from some code modifications deemed important enough that would be lost/endangered by the upgrade process. That's why this site still sits upon an older version.


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                          Yes I am aware of those issues which is why I thought I would make my post. Better to inform
                          members than beat them about the head and neck for not getting cookies to work....

                          Just say'n


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                            An improved browser will help. I need to use a variety of browsers in my work and all of the newer ones I use have no issue.

                            Neither does my Android based phone or tablet. Or any of my other computers/devices here.

                            So it's not just a matter of old software on the server. Nor would I suggest anyone deserve a beating for their online situation or strength of knowledge.

                            However when help is requested and then offered it would be nice to hear something other than "it's too hard, I quit".

                            Let's all play nice and work together.


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