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How Do you block a member from sending you a PM?

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  • How Do you block a member from sending you a PM?

    About two weeks ago I had to block somebody from my face book page and my E-Mail so he resorted to sending me a PM on this site for a negative communication. I looked and could not find how to block his PMs. Any help would be appreciated. To the moderators, if you need any more information send me a PM and I will give you more details.

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    PM me the details if you want? If you go to User CP on the left there is an ignore list, I believe that will block PM's - that was just a quick look there may be more options

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      From what i can see you cannot block PM's from specific people but you can allow only PM's from specific people.

      This is under "Options" you select something like "only allow PM from moderators and people on my Buddy list"

      The only bug is that it makes sending you a PM awkward for people not on your buddy list. I believe though that such people
      can request to be your "buddy"

      If you do this you may wish to add a signature that states

      "I only accept PM's from my buddies if you wish to sent me one "ask to be my friend"

      Edit: I sent a request to be your "friend" just to test. You do not have to accept me!
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        Just don't open it.