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  • Cloud server checking

    How long is this cloud server checking thing going to last?

    Two days in a row I reply to a post/thread only to have the site freeze with no activity. Yesterday I went back to the previous page and then forward again and luckily my reply was still there.

    Today. Nah. Disappeared into the ether.

    I'll have to start composing in MSWord...

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    Or, just before you click submit, select all of your text, and copy it. If it's gone when you back up to the editor page, paste it back in and submit.

    This will probably go on a bit longer. It has to be long enough for the DDOS attackers to give up. I suspect the DDOS protection might be turned off temporarily in a couple/few weeks to test the waters, and left off until they attack again, but that's just speculation.

    We apologize for the inconvenience, but the attackers are able to bring the server down when they attack, putting SCI, ScaleRacing, and out of commission until it passes. While this might be annoying, it's a lot better than having no site at all, wouldn't you agree?


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      Same thing has happened to me twice in a week -- especially aggravating after composing a long and complex post with words and photos. I just don't have the energy or the time to recreate it at this point. I wish I'd read the above suggestion before losing all my hard work, but it's not exactly posted in the most visible place on this forum, is it?



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        For some reason, I wasn't afflicted by this annoyance until very recently; then I got similarly stricken.

        And when you think of the quality of my posts you can only guess at the loss to the interweb.

        But simply blocking and copying whutever you just created in your reply should be sufficient, then use Preview Post to see if it's all save, then Submit.

        If you're then finding nothing in front of view, it's all saved by your mouse.