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SCI Mille Miglia 2003...?

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  • SCI Mille Miglia 2003...?

    One thousand miles. Wouldn't it be awesome if we could work out a series of proxy races specifically to cover 1000 scale miles? One thousand scale miles = 165,000 feet. If we had ten tracks, each track would have to cover 16,500 feet per car and have the times recorded. At 40 foot lap lengths, this would be 412.5 laps each car. Not only a marathon for the cars, but for the drivers as well. But here's what I'm thinking...

    Each racer would enter a car by sending it to a specified track, say mine for example. I would run however many laps necessary to cover 16,500 feet per car and post the times.

    Then I would box up all the cars together, and send them all at once to the next track. There the next host would run the next leg of 16,500 feet. He in turn would box all the cars together and ship to the next track.

    For this example, after the next-to-last leg is finished, all the cars would again be boxed up and returned to me, where I would run the final 100 scale miles, then individually box up the cars, with prizes, and post the results.

    The hosts (drivers) would be allowed to make absolutely no alterations or repairs to any of the cars, with possible exception of cleaning the tires and/or braid.

    I think a race such as this would really be a worthy test of a builder and manufacturers alike. An event worthy of a big trophy. Certainly there will be cars that die along the way, but wouldn't it be an amazing test? Has there ever been a 1000 mile slot car run before?

    Your thoughts?

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    There is a post with a ton of common sense in it. Well said!


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      I'm with these two.


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        What's the latest news for the Mille Miglia?


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          Hello? Is threre anybody out there?


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            I think they all forgot about it LS !

            OI !!!! anyone out there?????????



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              on the start line engine reving

              just waiting


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                Re: on the start line engine reving

                Okay, okay! The latest is, well... there's nothing new at this point. Been waiting for word back on a major sponsor, but as of yet, nothing. No doubt that this race will not probably happen without some form of support beyond prizes.

                I haven't been actively seeking sponsors yet because I don't want to upstage the January Proxy Race. It looks like we have plenty of tracks, both stateside and overseas, so this should be a epic event.

                One concern is that Dickie went and put 2000 miles on one of his cars with little to no wear on the car. This tends to hint that 1000 scale miles is not enough to really make it a work out. So this brings the question; do we lengthen it, and if so, to what distance? 1000 ACTUAL miles would be cool, but we'd have to run 32 times the distance putting a HUGE strain on the track owners/drivers. Any thoughts on this?


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                  1000 REAL MILES?

                  1000 real miles would be a great test of endurance and preparation ,when we did our 24hr race a few yrs ago the cars covered about 200 mls during that time with no major problems , all 5 cars completed the race and the only damage was to the vac form bodyshells ,all the cars were the same spec and the oz race motors which were supplied by Shaun at the start ran faultlessly,I still have one running well today ,but we dont use magnets so there is less strain on the motor.
                  As some tracks are going to be faster than others and have differing amonts of lanes it will be difficult for an orginiser to asses the time it would take for each track owner to run each round.Therefore I suggest that each prospective host work out how long it would take to run through a specific number of cars over a set distance of say 20 real miles and submit the results to Ken to decide wether the 1000 miles is a real option.
                  Personally i would say go for it ,perhaps Im a masochist.


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                    Re: 1000 REAL MILES?

                    Well 2 cents is this

                    Yes, the Ninco BMW handled 2000 miles without any problems, so the cars shouldn't be an issue. But as it stands now, I believe we have what, 11-12 tracks? Doing a 100 "scale" miles on my track took just under a half hour. Even doing 85-90 scale miles could take 20-25 minutes per car. And if they're are (guessing here) 15 cars, at an average of a half hour per car, it would take 7 1/2 hours for a host to run thru all the cars. Granted, he wouldn't do them all in the same day (or would I? ), but my point being it would be a lot longer time if we went to 1000 "actual" miles. Just doing 100 "actual" miles is 11,480 laps on my track :cry

                    My suggestion would be, for the 1st ever event of this type, is to run the 1000 "scale" miles. Use this as a learning event, and if all goes well, adjust from there. We already have quite a few different types of tracks signed up to run on, from plastic, magnet hugging tracks, to routed tracks with no magnet effects. This alone should make the whole thing an interesting event :clap


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                      Re: 1000 REAL MILES?

                      I second the motion. Let's keep it scale. Isn't what we are all really about anyway?


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                        Re: 1000 REAL MILES?

                        i say keep it scale also one thing we got to think about here is The car tested was bone stock we don't know what will happen when a mod motor extra magnets and gears and so forth are added this may change everything some may fail to finish the scale miles.. I for sure am not sending a stock car and i bet a lot of others won't also so who knows what will happen.. i can smell the motors burning up already!:rolleyes


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                          Re: 1000 REAL MILES?

                          You're probably right. I just don't want this to be an event that just any car can finish. Now that people know that a stock car can do so well, why NOT enter a stock car? Why fix something that isn't broke? At least that is now the impression I get from Dickie's results.


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                            Re: 1000 REAL MILES?

                            Ken you are right in a way but the way i see it is man if a stock car can do i think i can make a mod car do it faster!
                            I see no fun in sending a bone stock car for the big race..
                            if a stock car wins or loses it's all because of it's manufacturer.. Now if you get a car and modify it yourself wouldn't it feel great if you took first place or seen your car right up there with the best of them knowing you did all the work on it yourself that to me would be much more of a greater feeling and make me proud of my car i modified for this event..
                            wouldn't you agree?


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                              Re: 1000 REAL MILES?

                              You could add to the challenge by saying the entries HAVE to be modified in some way, leaving that up to the individual makes life interesting.

                              15 (example) cars doing 100 real miles on each track to get the 1000 real distance..Man that is ALOT of hours !!! :eek

                              The track layout I intend to use is, according to RMS, 0.4 scale Miles in length.

                              Giving 7 sec lap times approximately, that will mean a driving time of 6 and a quarter hours for 15 cars doing 100 'scale' miles each ( 233 laps each). FINE with me!

                              However... increase that by 32 to get 'real' miles (is that right??) means a total driving time for me of 217 hours !!??

                              ouch! :cry

                              I vote for finding another way ! :rollin