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SCI Mille Miglia 2003...?

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    SCI Mille Miglia 2003...?


    Iím a newbie in slot cars, but Iíve been a racing fan since birth. Slight exaggeration. My suggestion is pick a decent set of rules and feel free to change the rules as needed. This is how most of the 1/1 series handle rules. Change what does not work, keep what does. If the scale miles this year are too easy, add more next year.

    Has anyone suggested two classes? One for right out of the box stock class and the other a modified class. Iím thinking along the lines of Le Mans type classifications. I donít know if you would want to go too far down the modified trail. The mods that have been discussed so far seem fair to me. I would not be comfortable running a car that somebody has put a lot of hours into creating. I would like to run a car in next yearís event, and possibly host a leg, but for me the stock class would be my preference.

    Feel free to disagree, Iím a husband and a father, so Iím wrong all the time.


    Keep it in the Groove!


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      If you're concerned about someone simply sending a box-stock car without any personal creativity, I'd suggest a qualifying process. Set a field size, and use a short qualifying session to select the fastest entries for the full Mille Miglia.


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        1,000 scale miles? Phooey!

        I just finished reading some stuff by the prolific Philippe de Lespinay.

        Swiped from (I don't thonk PdL will mind) his Champion of Chamblee story. (For those who are not familiar with Champion, go and read about it here.

        I quote:

        "The (Champion) ď707Ē was very successful in winning endurance races through the United States and was a true powerhouse. Torque was truly impressive even by todayís standards, and brakes were greatly improved.

        In 1966, at the famed Santa Ana Raceway in California run by enthusiast and master modeler John Hale, one of those Lola GTs successfully ran an actual 1200 miles of racing in 80 hours. When the motor was disassembled, it showed virtually no wear except for normal motor brush wear."

        I am old enough to have read about this at the time it happened, but MANY thanks to PdL who has set it out as history for all who are interested.


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          Thanks, Trop...

          If only I could have Moped selling his carpet to some rich Arab oil sheik so that he could finance my new book...