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McLaren Driver Fix... Had to do it...:-)

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  • McLaren Driver Fix... Had to do it...:-)

    Roll bar too low or not, that dang driver was sitting on a pillow. Being a designer at heart, it drove me nuts. So here's what I did... (Not recommended for the novice modeler).

    Pulling out the driver was fairly easy. It only required breaking loose one welded spot holding the driver in place. I found later that I needed to remove the dash, which was held on in two places.

    The driver would need to be trimmed along the yellow line shown below.

    I found that the driver came apart rather nicely, and is a bit of a "kit" in itself!

    So with Denny disassembled, it was much easier to cut. I took a little off at a time, and finally ended up determining that this is the line that he needed to end up being trimmed to:

    Here he is trimmed, using both a razor saw, and X-acto knife...

    Because the cut extending into the arms, they needed to be knotched as well:

    ...and here he is with arms glued back in place:

    With the driver completely assembled I test fit it in place. The idea is that it makes it look as though the seat sinks further into the cockpit, and the parts of the driver that is cut off is actually hidden in the seat! Also, the seat belts have to be bent to fit back into their original holes as they tend to lift the driver back up out of the cockpit if not coaxed into the correct direction.

    Another view of the cockpit with driver inserted...

    ...and here is the dash put back in place. The stearing wheel column needed to be shortened to get the wheel back into the driver's hands.

    Here he is, back at the track, sitting lower and meaner than ever. THAAAAAAT'S Better!