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  • Linking to other sites

    I know that it's a no-no to post links to other message boards and to vendors that aren't sponsors here (as referenced in note #12 under the rules). What about linking to personal blogs about slot car racing? Is that taboo as well or is that allowable?

    I've created a blog at blogspot about my most recent sloting adventures and wouldn't mind sharing it from time to time but thought I'd ask first and link later.

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    You can link with other SCI Bloggers

    Also as long as you post content on SCI and not just a link you can always add your link at the end of the content.

    Being part of a bigger community will get more seeing your Blog as well.

    SCI is all about content, and we welcome anyone who will supply their own.

    Anyone who can supply content can always add their personal information.

    Thank you for asking.
    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.



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      Alan= I have a question about posting links. Why is it such a bad thing to have links? Is it just a money thing? I think that anything that would help our hobby or sport (IF YOU CAN CALL IT ONE) is good. NO? If someone has or is selling something that is cool or I knew everyone would want one. It is to bad, because I can't post a link to the site. Just seems like that would KILL the hobby that I love.

      I don't want to come off as ranting or whining. I just don't understand why something that can only help the hobby is baned. Thanks for listening.



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        Time waits for no one. Wish I could find more, but this has been asked before.

        OK a good question.

        This Site, like others I am sure, is all about Content.

        I am not looking to create Jump Central or Link Exchange out of SCI.
        If you have information post it here on SCI.

        Posts directing SCI readers to another location do not help SCI and could be considered Poaching or fishing for Members.

        We have a very large reader Base, and value that fact, if you want to help or reach that base post here.

        Advertising to the Members is not allowed unless you become an Advertiser.

        Linking to or posting other Site links is not allowed either.
        This is especially so with other Forums or Sites promoting Stores or linked to Retail Stores.

        This is a Community, and we look for posters to supply information here on SCI.

        We supply free Photo Albums to all Members in good standing and keep SCI Free from Google ad's and the like, all we ask is please follow our Rules when posting here.

        Thanks and enjoy SCI, without you, and you and you it would not exist.

        Also please remember most Read this Site and do not post, content is King here. Tell us where you race, how you enjoy the hobby etc and you help others get involved.

        Copied from the HO Forum where I was asked a similar question, hope this helps.

        Here is link to the thread and you can then see my replies.
        Alan Smith
        SCI Owner.