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  • log in attemps blocked

    I see this board sent me an email that someone attempted to log in more than five times, thank you it was not me.

    Please email me if you get these, posting here does not help.
    I block all IP attacks once I get an email from you the members.
    Sent email to scaleracing1(at)
    Thank you
    Last edited by Scaleracing; 07-21-2015, 04:15 PM.

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    Hi, this type of thing has happened a few times recently, doesn't appear to be any actual threat to SCI Members but Admin will check it out; thanks for the alert. Lotsa web crawlers out there these days ...


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      Please do not create even more info for them.

      I replied to this issue before, please send any info directly to me at [email protected].
      Also if you receive any messages PM or otherwise that are SPAM forward to the same email.

      No one has got in after 2 accounts were breached, I am doing all I can to block these attacks.
      We get over 1000 a week so a little buried right now.

      There is no information that could be used on SCI no c card numbers etc, no social security info so should not be a big deal More an annoyance.

      I am blocking as many IP addresses as I can.
      Alan Smith
      SCI Owner.