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    In the old days before Panjo, the first come first served rule usually applied and if someone had beat you to it whether through PM or posting on the thread, you simply stated your interest and got in line in case the deal fell through.

    Panjo has changed that in that people expressing interest or getting in line waiting does not mean they will get the item, someone can just hit the button without ever contacting the seller and the item is gone. I have seen this happen several times and it makes me wonder, if I see a thread for an item I'm interested in and someone replies with a "PM Sent" message but the item still shows as available, am I a jerk if I hit the buy it now button?

    From what I understand listings show on the Panjo site also so those potential buyers don't know what people are saying on the forum...

    What do you guys think?

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    If it's available, hit the button. It's whoever has the money the quickest. That is an issue if you have a question about the item. It is what it is. Have questions go to eBay.



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      Better to buy it and then ask questions, as the seller has an option to relist the sale... That way you don't miss out.

      I have lost a few cars trying to find out more info, but as was stated previously, the items aren't only listed in the forum...


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        I'm with Dave. If it's still available, and you want it, then buy it. Sometimes the thread doesn't update with "Sold" right away, but you'll know if you click the link and have the option to buy.