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Which 124 slot cars do you recommend

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  • Which 124 slot cars do you recommend

    I am wanting to add to my 124 scale collection , which consists of only2 carerra vettes . which 124 cars do you recommend for a carerra track.

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    I recommend buying the ones you like.

    But seriously, what other reason is there? The only other reason I can think of is to meet a racing requirement of some kind, in which case those requirements will help you.

    If you're asking about other brands, you really do owe yourself the treat of at LEAST one ScaleAuto 1/24 car, and maybe a BRM as well.


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      If Carrera has a car or two that you like they are great way to introduce yourself to the 1/24 scale. But as Mr Flippant said getting a Scale Auto or BRM (hold your breath on the $$) is a treat. I can drive my BRM Miller Porsche (in-line) all night long



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        Originally posted by MrFlippant View Post

        1)I recommend buying the ones you like.

        2) really do owe yourself the treat of at LEAST one ScaleAuto 1/24 car, and DEFINITELY a BRM as well...
        +1 on both counts



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          That's what I meant. ;-)


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            124 cars

            What I meant , was , do you have any recommendations on 124 cars that drive well on a plastic Carerra track , without a whole lot of tuning. Not Carerra cars specific. For home use only. I like just about all of them , so getting the ones I like would break me. LOL .You know what I mean Vern.


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              BRM Saloon cars are so good runners


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                Do you have borders on your track yet Rick?



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                  Since you have the Carrera vette's, all of the Carrera modern GT cars run very similar so they will mix well with the Corvette's.
                  Personally, I really like the Carrera hot rods with the rear magnets pulled and urethane tires. They slide very realistically and really have to be driven since they are a little top heavy. Not everyone's cup of tea though.
                  The Carrera classic LeMans are some of my favorites too [also without rear magnets and w/urethanes]. But unlike the modern GT cars they do not all run as similar to each other, due to some being lower and wider than others. But tuning them differently gets them close enough.
                  The front and rear axle height on Carrera cars can be raised or lowered on most.
                  H&R chassis cars run good on Carrera track without magnets and are a lot of fun.
                  I just tried a Scaleauto 1/24 Porsche straight out of the box [aside from tightening the screws] on my track last night, and was a little disappointed.
                  With the magnet in, it was super smooth and stuck like glue [strongest magnet I've seen in any slotcar]. No fun for me, as I like a little bit of slide. I tried raising the magnet and still didn't like it. Then I pulled the magnet and it will need some tuning, as it got no traction [stock rubber tires].
                  I have no doubt that this car will be excellent with some different tires and some weight added here and there. These cars are made to be tuned.
                  So before everyone jumps on me, I just threw it on the track with no setup. I have driven one on a wood track that was properly set up and it was the smoothest car I have ever driven.


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                    Originally posted by dw5555 View Post
                    Do you have borders on your track yet Rick?

                    I do have tons of borders , but Im not using them at the moment. But I see now , I will need them.


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                      Go Scaleauto, no magnets, no weight, tyres that suit your track.

                      Beautiful to drive.


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                        this combo shows how 1/24 Carrera products are timely.


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                          It all depends on what you want !
                          Do you want to race with or without magnets ...
                          I can assure you that the BRM's go very well. (with magnets)
                          I even race flexy type chassis with 16D and S16D on my "small" track. (without magnents)
                          (do take a look in my gallery to have an idea about my track)
                          But than, racing with steel chassis, without mags, using sponge tires, and, don't forget, low groundclearance, you do need glue ...

                          lots of slots


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                            Try your hand at building your own 1/24-25 scale hard body cars using simple chassis construction and model kit bodies. If you're running for FUN on home set plastic track the car does not have to be "trick", just a good basic design. It's FUN and you can build cars that are not available RTR from the manufacturers. You could end up with an entire new fleet of racers.

                            Just a suggestion, and as always... Enjoy!-- Ernie :>)


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                              I agree with Ernie. I switched to a Prof Motor adjustable voltage power supply and controllers so now I can run any type of vintage to modern 1/32 or 1/24 car. Best 1/24 cars are ones I build with an H&R Racing brass chassis and a model kit body of any type, silicone rear tires. BRM and Scaleauto rtr cars are good too. With Carrera cars I remove the traction magnets and use silicone or urethane slip on rear tires, run at 12 volts. I run "old school" analog, no chips.