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Eight unknown black interiors Lancer?

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  • Eight unknown black interiors Lancer?

    I have these eight black interior/driver inserts.
    They all look like they are Lancer?
    Just what bodies do they go to?

    Many thanks!!

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    The ones with separate drivers' heads are most likely all Lancer, whereas the ones with the molded heads mostly look like Dynamic. It is difficult to say whether they were designed for specific bodies or were for more generic use. Nowadays we use replicas of the Dynamic interiors in a lot of 1/24 Retro racing bodies.


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      Back in the 60's Lancer had many of these

      And each interior was formed for the car. Most popular were the CanAm cars of the day. Like Chaparral, Lola, McLaren etc. They even had 1/32 scale too. I almost agree with gascarnut that these may be from a later maker but a few do have the character of a Lancer. And over the years many repops did occur. But its a shame the buying public didn't have an appreciation for proper detail. Only a few of us cared what the car looks like. And now, I even wish there were some new ones made to fit the current cars we convert to printed chasses. But I may be in the minority. I like to race model cars.
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