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Quick Slicks for BRM Trans Am

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  • Quick Slicks for BRM Trans Am

    Got tires for my BRM Mustang from Quick Slicks. Waited a bit for them but it was worth the wait. Tires fit the rim perfectly. They slipped on like a well worn pair of shoes. They also look fantastic on the car. If I can figure out how to post pictures I'll put them with this thread.

    I have a scaley track which does not really work well with these cars but I am able to run the car on the 2nd lane. The car ran great and it was nice to see such a pretty car going around the track. I also picked up a set of tires for my BRM Prsche 917 and man what fun these two cars are. Now this gives me another reason to setup my carrera track that is sitting in the just waiting to be setup.