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Running 6 Cars With Magnets

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  • Running 6 Cars With Magnets

    Anyone know if it is possible/a way to run 6 D124 cars on Carrera Black Box? I have an aftermarket ps that only goes to 15.2 v but way more amps than I am sure the BB will hold. Also we are talking about magged cars, removing them is not my preference

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    Magnets...bah humbug..!



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      That's pushing it. You would have to do a rolling start, and any track-call or pause would also need to have people take off one at a time.


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        Would a CU at 7-8amps be better off? I donít mind doing that. But Iíve never passed 4 amps with 8 D132 cars so why would 6 124 push it anymore?


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          Might be. I think the CU has a little but more amps than the BB does. Bruce can verify.
          Still, the D124 pull more amps than the D132 do, so 8 D132 might be equal to 4 D124 (assuming magnets).
          I've never had more than a couple of either on my Carrera Digital track, but from what I've read, more than 4 D124 needs a rolling start to be safe from possible overload.


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            Carlos in Seattle sold me some, drop in replacement motors, for D124, that made it possible to run 6 D124 at the same time with the CU. I don't know how well it would work w/BB, but they work fine with the CU.


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              The CU can handle up to 10 amp bursts and 8 amps continuously. Some of the older CU's used the same mosfet as in the old BB's, which only could take 6 amps, with an 8 amp burst.

              The CU needs 10 volts to operate. When using stock/OEM Carrera D124 equipment with 6 D124 cars the CU will shutoff quite often. It shuts off because of voltage drop; when there is a huge current draw from the motors it asks for current, and since the power supply is unregulated it gives all the amperage it can which lowers the available voltage, and that's why the CU shuts off and then back on. It looks like it's shorting but it isn't. It's actually shutting off and then back on, because it's not getting enough voltage to run. That's what happens in a nutshell.

              So to run 6 D124 cars with magnets you need more amperage and a stable power supply, or at least one that can supply the current needs. Personally I like power supplies with adjustable voltage and amperage. I don't like ones with a set number of amps, reason is that you can use an adjustable/variable power supply for many things besides running your track. I use mine for track power, truing tires, motor testing, motor break-in, etc. And sometimes I only want .5 amps, other times I want 25 amps, just depends on what I'm doing. So get a power supply with adjustable current; 0-30 volts, and 0-20 amps and you'll be really glad you did