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assembly issue with BMW M3

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  • assembly issue with BMW M3

    This is something i ran into this week. I was blue printing a car for our series in Toronto. The car's chassis actually touched the track and the tires were not touching. The car had stock fronts 26.5 mm wheels. Finally found that the pillow blocks were the same on the front and back. Checking my own cars i found that this was not the case with them. If you have this issue, it may just have missed the QC and i am sure that where ever you bought the product will help fix the issue.

    With any slot car the front end can be a major cause of car problems, which is why i try to start at the front and work back.

    Tim Snyder

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    I assume you are talking about the front tires ?
    Many cars are set up so that the front tires do not touch the track surface. When I buy a car, I try to change the car to actually be that way "if" the tires do touch the track surface. This goes a long way in helping the cars corner faster. A solid front axle and the tires on the track actually slow the car because of the tires going different speeds according to the corner radius. If I can't get the tires off the track surface, I coat the tire tread with clear nail polish to reduce the friction, this has some of the same effect.

    As for the chassis touching the can buy (or make) shims / spacers to move the guide flag down away from the frame, in effect lifting the chassis / frame away from the track surface,
    So now the chassis is clear of the surface, the front tires are off of the surface even farther. Either shorter pillow blocks or taller tires can be used to get the tires closer (but not touching..!) the track surface. If the tires "need..." to touch for some class rule, you can play with either or both lowering the axle or taller tires.


    P.s. - Noting the "brand" of car would be helpful in knowing what the chassis design actually is. Since not all cars are the same...and all.
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      Sorry my bad. Scale Auto 1/24 BMW M3. These are 'mecano' style cars with pillow blocks which set the ride height. What i was trying to point out was that some of these cars were assembled wrong at the factory. This made for major problems to meet our rule set and be competitive. Alan shows on his site different front pillow blocks which are available (which will lower the front axle).
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        I haven't encountered a problem with the axle carriers on the Scaleauto cars too date. However I have noticed that the positioning of the guide carrier can influence the handling!

        The Scaleauto cars are great fun though!