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Mk.I Warrior F/C Prototype

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  • Mk.I Warrior F/C Prototype

    MK.I Prototype Funny Car Project:

    Scale: 1/24
    Weight: 135-140 grams Est.
    Speed: Unknown
    Detail: Priceless...

    Rod Evans ~ Cincinnati, Ohio
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    That's awesome Rod!


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      WHOA!! Quite NICE!!

      Ummm. Why do your custom underpinnings look so hot?!? Purist may bark, but I love the front motor with "motor" detail on top.



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        Thanks Guys...

        Thank you for your kind words. This was my 1st attempt at a high detail F/C. I think the "practice" from the sprint car building is carrying over to the NHRA ...And I must be doing something right 'cause this car was only on eBay for an hour and she got scooped up on a BuyNow. Next Up...A run to the parts store for more supplies!!! Then maybe a Pro-Mod IHRA Drag car. But I've been fighting the urge to do a Cobra...I think that might be cool too...My Dad had a 289 FIA Cobra #142 Driven by Phil Hill in his shop for a while,(he put a new aluminum nose piece on it and some other repairs for the owner...I wanted to drive that car soooo BAD!) I should be able to get good reference photos

        What tube chassis car do you guys think would be a good project ? Cheetah roadster maybe ??? How about a late 60's Champ Dirt Car??? Watson Roadster ??? These are at the top of my list so far....Whadda'U-guysThink?

        Here are a couple more pics from the Warrior for inspiration...
        Check out the side shot that shows my eye...

        Rod Evans ~ Cincinnati, Ohio


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          Why would a purist bark Maltese?