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Mach 5...Go Speed Go!!!

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  • Mach 5...Go Speed Go!!!

    I was going to keep this a surprise for the weekend trip, but couldn't wait.
    I planned on finally doing the Mystery Machine after getting a good deal on a H&R (Aloha Asmith).
    Then the local store had all the Speed Racer stuff on sale. So, I bought a couple of these. I thought this was going to be an easy build. Wrong!!! The multiple body angles where the mounting buttons went made it tough to line up and it's still not perfect. I like my 1/24 to have a full interior and that causes more issues. A lot of time trimming by hand and sanding went into getting the interior to fit just right.

    I had a Slotronics light kit I won back at DCS 3 years ago and decided the Mach 5 had to have power. Especially, since it was one with the brake lights that flash when the trigger is let go....can you say fuel flash? I can!!! Enjoy.

    Clearance for the guide and track was the biggest issue bcuz I didn't want to sacrifice the bottom of the front end.
    That's close and we'll see if it's too close this weekend. Inside lights are white pushed thru that area while the red lights (side markers??) are flush mounted with the plastic. Nice and bright.

    Here's the fuel flash, turbo flash (whatever you want to call it) out the exhaust pipes. Only a second or 2. These wires were too short and I had a dead, cut, twist, electrical tape. Made the extension piece too small the first time and had to start over. Snaking the wires was a bit of a chore,but well worth it.

    Here's a link to my Control Freak Dragger in the Scartchbuilt Forum :
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    I am planning a 1/32 Mach V and haven't dared to touch it because I want to save the interior. You might have shown me the way.

    Nice job & I love the remote, too.


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      GREAT job, Eric! You're officially Da Man for this one!


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        Hot One!!

        My favorite childhood ride! VERY Cool indeed!



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          Curious as to what chassis is under the body... This looks like a FUN build...
          Lindsey Angell


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            Looks like all you need is Speed and Trixie in the cockpit!


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              Is that built from the Polar lights model kit or a toy?
              Nice job! I have ht polar lights kit I've been planning to do for a few years.