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My first 1/24th scale scratch built

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  • My first 1/24th scale scratch built

    This is my near finished Porsche 911 GT2 made from a Tamiya model kit. The chassis I laid out on a CAD and cut out of styrene plastic. The I hand built the interior pan to hold all the misc interior items that came with the model kit.



    Assembled car from underside

    Top Side

    Items to finish the car are lights, break lights and once installed the exhaust backfire lights.

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    First scratch built he says... hand built the interior he says...

    :rolleyes I smell a pro in rookie clothing! You should have seen my first scratch attempt :x Nice work Dutchman! Very nice indeed.


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      wow, amazing chassis and interior work, pro for sure!!!


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        :lol Thanks guy's but this truly is my very first scatch built slot car, honest. If I told you how many interior / chassis parts I tossed because they either did not look right or did not fit it would make your head spin. It took near 3 months of off and on work because I was ready to toss in the towel so many times. Now that I know what NOT TO DO I'm sure my next 1/24th scale car (427 Cobra) will turn out much quicker.


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          Excellent, just exactly how a slot car should look.


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            It looks great - how does it drive?


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              Bravo, Dutchman! Quality work in my favorite color, too!!



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                Re: BRAVO!!

                I really like how you did the chassis. Excellent work!!! Any details you can share on the chassis? Overall an excellent looking car.8)


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                  Re: BRAVO!!

                  That is one of the nicest looking cars I have seen in ANY scale.


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                    High quality results like this usually take years of development.
                    You have raised the bar for all of us.

                    Congratulations! :hat


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                      You have raised the bar for most of us guy, that Porsche looks sanitary and raceable. Nice job guy!!


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                        Thanks again all. To answer few questions the car runs awesome. It's got insane amount of punch. Keep in mind the whole car still seems as light if not a bit lighter than the brass Pro Track chassis on it's own. I don't have a scale but it feels that way. I will weight the car as soon as I find a postal scale. As far as the chassis goes its made of 1/8" thick Styrene plastic. The real thin layer under the chassis is actualy the center section that came with the static model kit. At first I was not planning on using it but then I realized that by grafting it to the underside of the chassis it made everything line up perfect not to mention finishing off the bottom mid sections of the car nicely. Once the fixed position of the chassis to body and space between the two was determined I just built everything for the interior to fit.
                        Hope that answers some of your questions.


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                          It's got insane amount of punch.
                          Gotta agree with that. the Monogram Chapparall I built using the kit plastic tub as the chassis has absolutely berzerk acceleration with a Falcon in it.


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                            I know this is years old... but is there any chance to revive the pictures in the thread?


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                              I would like to view the photos too, if that's possible.